Why You Should Play Games

For some gamers, it can be difficult to realize that not everyone understands their hobby. Gaming has grown so much in popularity that it can now safely be considered mainstream, so it is easy to overlook that there are still many people baffled by the popularity of this media.
So this article is for those of you who don’t quite know why you should play video games, but is interested in finding out.

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It’s-a me, SindrElf!

This weekend, me and my girlfriend finished Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch she got me for Christmas.

Well, finished is not quite accurate, as there’s a huge amount of extra content and collectables available once you finish the game. Along with all the collectables we did not find from earlier in the game, this will take us a looong time to actually finish completely.


I do however feel like I have experienced enough of the game to share my opinions on it here, while also giving it a glowing recommendation.

This game is just pure light-hearted fun, and a wonderful celebration of the Mario brand and legacy.


It is jam-packed with references and easter-eggs.

Some of our favorite parts were going into traditional 2D-levels in the geometry of the 3D world. You can see a Mario-stage on the side of a building, then go two-dimensional and enter the stage, seeing yourself as a moving piece of pixel-art on the wall.


The game is also super cute!

You main ability in this game is to take over control of enemies, making them sport Mario’s iconic red M-hat and his mustache to indicate that their brain is being hijacked by an Italian plumber.

Seeing a behatted moustached little mushroom bouncing around at your command is incredible adorable.


If you have ever liked Mario, and have not played Odyssey yet, get yourself a Switch.

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Incoming Comic Patreon

I have been spending some time lately setting up a Patreon-page for my upcoming comic that I mentioned here earlier. It is a lot of work figuring it all out, but I think it will be worth it.


Patreon is a crowdfunding website that lets people support creators who make cool stuff.

I have been signed up for a few years, mostly supporting some YouTubers I like.

I am one of many $1 supporters, which makes up the majority of the income for these full-time online entertainers.


I am making the Patreon-page more by necessity than anything else.

I have a very talented artist working on the art, but

I can only afford to pay him for one page each month

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