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Ortensia from Truly Madly Ordinary Stories From The Heart has made a new blogger-award for Scandinavian bloggers; named ‘Sunshine Nordic Little Thoughts’.


Like all “blogger awards”, it works like a chain letter.

Answer a question, then tag other people to answer the question aswell.


Name three things that pops into your mind when you are walking in the sun.

1. “This won’t last.” (I live in Bergen, the city of rain.)



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These answers may not be exactly what I think of when I’m actually walking in the sun, just the first ones that came to mind when I heard the question.


I nominate:

See Norway



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    1. Thanks, I’m glad 😀

      Sorry for the late reply, this ended up in my spam-folder.

  1. Thanks for posting “Walking on Sunshine”. I hadn’t heard that song for years, and I listened to it while trying to catch up on my blog reading. The perfect song to start the day. 🙂

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