Why You Should Play Games


‘Rayman Legends’ is just pure light-hearted fun! It’s easy to learn, and can be played alone or with others.


There are numerous physical and mental health benefits to gaming, but these are seldom on my mind when I decide to sit down with a game.

Instead, what motivates me is to experience other lands, other worlds, even other identities. All from the comfort of my own living-room.


the witcher 3

‘The Witcher 3’ is not one of the easiest games to learn for a beginner, but absolutely worth the initial learning-curve. This game has one of the best stories I have ever played through, set in a beautifully realised medieval fantasy-world. The game is really long, so once you got the controls down, you are set for a long time. And the downloadable expansions are great! Don’t worry about that “3” in the title, I have never played “1” or “2” either.


Playing games scratches the same mental itch for me as books do.

Both make me feel like I am inhabiting another life, in a way movies do not.

Movies and television lets you see the experiences of other people – games and books lets you feel them.


fallout new vegas

Fallout: New Vegas’ is another game where story trumps accessibility. Make your way in the post-apocalyptic ruins of the Mojave Wasteland, and decide who to side with in the war between The New California Republic and Caesar’s Legion.


So why not just stick to books? Interactivity, that’s why!

While a book can portray other people from within their very being, only games lets you be that person.

A tragic choice takes on another meaning when you are the one who has to make it.

A scary or safe environment feels even more so, when you are the one who are inhabiting it.


mass-effect-2 talking

‘Mass Effect 2’ lets you step into the shoes of Commander Shepard. As the first human Citadel Council Spectre, it is your job to stop the robotic Reapers from wiping out all life in our galaxy. While I really enjoy the first Mass Effect game, I think the inaccessibility on that one may be too much to handle for many people. Mass Effect 2 is considered the best in the series anyway.


If you have not yet given gaming enough of a chance, I think you should.

You deserve to experience what it has to offer.