Top 5 Songs from ‘MoS: Level 2’

MoS Miracle of Sound Level 2

Back in February, I shared my favorite song from each ‘Miracle of Sound’ album.

This proved to be very difficult, as there are so many great songs there!

So I have decided to make a Top 10 or Top 5 list for each album, depending on how big the album is to begin with.

Here goes!


5. Nord Mead

A merry drinking song from the Nord warriors of Skyrim.

There is no better way to get your thirst up than slaying dragons!


4. Joker’s Song

A ballad sung by The Joker, to his archnemesis The Batman.

This song gives you a look into the mind of the best villain in DC Comics.


3. Life In Bullet Time

The Max Payne series is gritty neo-noir about the titular Max Payne, an ex-cop with a grudge.

This song mixes Max’s survivor’s guilt and self-destructive behaviour with the game-series iconic gameplay feature, bullet-time.


2. Shooter Guy

This satirical song showcases a lot of the clichés you can find in video game shooters, while still appreciating them.

After watching this, you can get a good idea about the experience of playing around 80% of all shooters.


1. Take It Back





If you liked this music, you can buy the album here!


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