InterRail 2010 – Part 6: Exploring Amsterdam


We spent the day after the concert by walking around Amsterdam, taking in the sights.



Amsterdam feels much more relaxed and calm than a lot of other big cities.

Much of this relaxed feeling comes down to how the inhabitants rely less on motorised transportation than in most cities, as there are many who opts for using a bicycle instead.

The popularity of bicycles in the Netherlands is probably somewhat due to the lack of steep hills in the country.

The bicycle parking in Amsterdam was packed!

Another cause of the sense of calm I got from Amsterdam is how nature is integrated into the city.

Trees and canals everywhere!


When our stay in Amsterdam had ended, I traveled on toward England, while my fellow previous servicemen traveled back home to Norway.

I would be traveling alone for the rest of the trip.


In the next part; Traveling to England.


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    1. Yeah, I think I want to travel back there one day.
      See what it has to offer for couples 🙂

      1. Quite a bit, no doubt! Enjoy and say hello for me. I have a friend up there now and she is back and forth frequently. 🙂

          1. Not likely as I believe she returns today. Unless you are there when she arrives again next month or you are heading for the south of France? 😉

  1. Do you smoke, Sindre?😁 I’m just joking. Once a truck from Holland came to my company where I worked, I asked the drive if he had som marijuana! He laughed loudly, but he knew I was just kidding.😊 Cool pictures you taken!😊

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