InterRail 2010 – Part 5: The Concert

aha 2010 farewell tour

In 2010, A-ha were going on a farewell tour.

They have had tours since then.


After my first night in Amsterdam, I met up with the guys I were going to the A-ha concert with.

To the best of my memories, they arrived early the day of the concert, and I met them in the reception for the hotel we were staying at.


This hotel was considerably more fancy than the motel I had stayed at the night before.

I did not ask, but I doubt I would have been able to buy any “cheese” in that reception.


We spent most of that day “getting ready” for the concert.


Even after what happened to me over a year earlier, I had still not gained the good sense to just stay away from beer entirely.

I am incredible lucky that my gout did not ruin the rest of my trip.

I don’t think that I even brought any of my medication.


The concert was held in the Heineken Music Hall, and it was great.

I had never really listened to A-ha that much before this, but I really enjoyed myself.

I particularly liked when they performed their theme tune to the 1987 James Bond film ‘The Living Daylights’.


In the next part; Exploring Amsterdam!


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    • They are still well known in Norway, being one of our most internationally successfull bands.
      And their hit song ‘Take On Me’ did feature prominently in Deadpool 2 😛

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