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I recently finished playing Doom (2016), one of the games on my gaming backlog.

I think it took longer for me to finish than it did for most people, because I developed some severe neck pains as a result of playing it.

The non-stop action of ‘Doom’ literally made me so tense that I hurt my neck.


But after a long break from the game to let my muscles relax again, I returned to the fray.

And it was glorious!

doom brofist


The great action of the game still got me to tense up in my neck.

But now that I was aware of it, I deliberately checked if I needed to relax my neck after each combat encounter.


‘Doom’ is a game about an ancient slayer of the evil forces of hell.

In-game, this translates to punching and shooting an endless horde of demons in the face.

doom baron of hell


In addition to the action, the music also contributes heavily to how tense I got while playing this game.

The youtuber Raycevick made a really good video about the behind-the-scenes process of making the soundtrack.


This game has my favorite representation of the demonic since the early seasons of Supernatural, before ‘Supernatural’s demons became more like the mafia than an occult force.

‘Doom’s hell is a vast plain of barren rock adorned with gothic temples and ruins, and covered in gore and viscera constructed into hellish sacrificial decorations.

doom satanic

I’m not sure why the satanic aesthetic is often so visually appealing, but I wonder if it is due to the fact that it has been taboo for so long that various rebellious artists, from the birth of christianity until now, have perfected the look between them.

Or maybe it is just how that aesthetic uses a lot of dark red, and how we subconsciously link that color with our baser urges, like sex and violence.

I think it could be a mix of those reasons.



The game finished on a cliffhanger, which would have been annoying if I had played it back when it came out in 2016.

But as it were, I finished the game just in time for the sequel to be announced.


Sometimes it can be good to be late to the game.


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  1. I played an old Doom, one of the first and it was fun, but hard. I have many games I bought but the only one I can play good is the old Unreal Tournament 20014. I still love that game, especially onslaught.

    1. If you liked the old Doom, you would like this aswell 🙂
      There are even secrets where you find old maps from the first Doom, and enter them.

      And I had some fun with the level editor, to make my own maps.
      You can make them look like both the old and new Doom 😀

  2. For me, I developed dry eyes during DOOM because I couldn’t bring myself to blink during the action sequences! Probably not as bad as neck issues I know, but still pretty lame 🙂

    1. Mayby not as bad, but still representative of just how captivating this game is!
      Glad I was not the only one to harm himself by being enthralled by the action 😛

    1. Each to their own, I guess 😛
      But there are so many different games out there, that I am sure you could find something you liked aswell 🙂

          1. Few gadgets for the birthday boy one for each of his passion:a Zelda pen ,a Star Wars mug and an avengers pin .
            My daughter bought herself and her sister a magic wond pen with….🤔I already forgot which characters from Harry Potter.

              1. I’m watching this Norwegian drama called Occupied,based on a Jo Nesbo book,and it is really good.i wonder if they showed it over there too.

                1. It probably did, but I usually don’t watch actual Television. Only Netflix, YouTube and DVDs.
                  But it seems like it is on Netflix, so maybe I’ll check it out.
                  Looks good 🙂

                  From wikipedia: “Occupied depicts a fictional near future in which Russia, with support from the European Union, occupies Norway to restore its oil and gas production, in response to a Europe-wide energy crisis caused by the coming to power of Norway’s Green Party, which stopped the country’s oil and gas production.”

                  This description, coupled with the fact that the offices of Statoil were used as a filming location for the prime minister’s office, makes this seem a bit like pro-oil/anti-ecopolitic fear-propaganda.
                  But that could just be the wikipedia-writer focusing in on their own biases, and not actually the intent of the show.

                  1. I’m watching it on sky box set and yes that is the story but frankly I haven’t had at all the impression of a pro oil propaganda,on the contrary.I will let you know how it ends😎

                    1. Ah ok, good to hear 🙂

                      It just felt weird that they used the actions of the real Norwegian Green Party as the thing that antagonised Russia into invading.
                      It’s like if an American TV-show did the same thing with the Democratic or Republican party.
                      “If you vote for this party, Russia will invade us.”

                    2. No no that is not what you get.They more describe Russians like prepotente ruthless invaders and EU like bullies.
                      Norwegians and their Green Party are the good ones 😀may be politically naive but that it is coming from an Italian and we notoriously have no faith in our politicians but never get so honest to think that they reflect the people who vote them🤔

                    3. Ah, I see 🙂

                      Seems like it is probably based on the Nazi occupation of Norway during WW2.
                      Betting there is a Norwegian traitor character based on Vidkun Quisling aswell?

                    4. Nop,no traitor looks more a fantasy thriller actually.i would be nice to check if Nesbo got inspired by actual history.ill check

                    5. I’m betting he did, but I could be wrong.

                      It sounds pretty good, so I’ll probably put it on my immensely long watch-list 😛
                      Thanks for the recommendation 😀

  3. I still haven’t played the new Doom (the remake). I want to but I can’t get myself to jump into a shot-em-up game after all the adventure games I have been playing! 🙂

    1. I am playing a great point-and-click adventure game at the moment.
      Thimbleweed Park 😀

      1. Looks like a lot of fun and not as exhaustive, I recently finished the new God of War (Amazing) and I have been craving more of it so I am giving myself a break until I am ready for a different type of game.

        1. Smart 🙂

          I still have to many games on my backlog, so I won’t play “God of War: Dad of Boy”.
          But I loved GoW 1-3, so maybe I’ll add it to my next backlog :p

          1. Haha… I kept going around the house calling my 3 year old “boy” for a while, yes, it is addicting but it was a blast enjoying the world they created 🙂

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