Cthulhu Pasta

Cthulhu Pasta

For this months geeky recipe I decided I would cook the cosmic horror known as Cthulhu.


That is not dish which can eternal lie, and after strange aeons even death may dine.


The Recipe

Serves three Innsmouthians.



1. Tenderise 300 grams of octopus, either by beating the crap out of it, or by freezing and thawing it.

Chop it in pieces and boil it until it is tender, for about 20 to 45 minutes.

Or just buy it tinned.


2. Make octopus ragù.

octopus ragu

You can do this by using a normal bolognaise recipe, but exchange the meat with octopus.


3. Boil 250 grams of fresh tagliatelle pasta.

During the last few minutes of boiling, add 120 grams of chopped kale.

It is possible to replace the kale with seaweed.


4. Fry up 130 grams of diced smoked bacon.

diced smoked bacon


5. Plate up, and add a few cherry tomato halves and a bit of grated parmigiano on top.

Cthulhu Pasta 2


In his sauce of R’agù, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.

Pha’stha v’ith Cthulhu R’lyeh gh’ood fhlwha!


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  1. What Jenny AC said … my aunt married a Maltese man and he loved making octopus stew. We were visiting my grandmother/aunt in Toronto and I had been downtown shopping. Everyone had had dinner, but me. No one told me what it was, just offered up a bowl. It was delicious. I wondered why everyone was waiting for my reaction! I was busy enjoying it and didn’t see the suckers – OMG. They told me – felt sick, but, like I said it was delicious. Finished the bowl – didn’t have seconds though.

    Loved the description of how to prepare it. Since I am a lazy cook, I’d do “tinned octopus”.

    1. Tenderise … either by beating the crap out of it, or by freezing and thawing it.


    Or just buy it tinned.

    1. Hah, good story 🙂
      I think there are a lot of food that people think they don’t like, beacuse it sounds gross, even if it is actually good.
      Often this is just based on what you have and have not grown up with.
      I think there are some awesome Norwegian dishes that non-Norwegians think sounds horrible, but can’t think of any just at the moment.

      Glad you liked the descriptions 🙂
      I spent most of the time writing this by coming up with Lovecraftian in-jokes 😛

      1. Yes, I thought I’d give you a laugh for the day – then I knew why everyone awaited my reaction … if I’d seen suckers, I could not get past that … I’d think of a shower mat. OMG. I travelled thru Spain with friends of the family – she was born and lived 30 years in Spain. We had some interesting fish and shrimp dishes – had a bouillabaisse and it had fish heads and whole mollusk shells in it – I couldn’t eat it – just no. They said it was delicious. I just had a little freak out. I buy Eggland’s Best Eggs because I trust them and know there are never any recalls or salmonella issues. Because it is just me and for convenience sake, I get a product that is 10 hard-boiled eggs in a bag. Had one on Thursday – opened bag a few minutes ago and they were red-streaked on the outside of the eggs … shut bag up right away … glad I didn’t have one yesterday. Just sent a Facebook message to them and said I have another bag, not going to open it up but what was it – I feel a little sick. Nothing’s wrong with my fridge either.

          1. Sindre: I just read your post about the sheep’s head. No, just no … I could not do that, nor tongue, nor brains. I have not been to a butcher shop in years now that I think of it, but we did use to go to Alexander & Pollen, a big German market (my father was German) back in the day and I’d see all kinds of things like that there.

            Well, we went all through Spain and stopped in many small towns and tasted different dishes. I could not try the fish heads and the shells in there bothered me as well. I also was a little put off when trying shrimp when we were in Madrid. We stayed with her brother for five days while we visited Madrid. (Her husband was German, and this was his first visit to Spain.) There was a small bar around the corner from where they lived, and you’d go and order a drink and put some money on the counter and get that much $ in shrimp. The guy would reach into a barrel with his hands, and pull out these huge shrimp and they were not de-veined. He throw them from this barrel onto a grill for about a minute, then put them on a piece of wood that resembled a small cutting board. Not really cooked and you could see through the shrimp. And two bowls of sauce for dipping, one at each end of the bar … I’m a bit of a germaphobe, so I was turned off by that. And, in the same bar were they pencil-thin eels that you paid your $$ and whatever you handed to the bartender, you got a silver dish filled with eels. I’m all for trying new food but I had issues with the fish things.

            As for the eggs, I hope it is that. I feel fine, but the look of those eggs, with this red markings all over. It has a zip-lock top but I always ensure it is zipped tight. I can’t tell you how I felt when I saw it. Here we have recall after recall for food poisoning – the latest being the romaine lettuce which has sickened over 200 people. Thanks for your insight – I’ll hold onto that thought ’til I hear from Eggland’s Best.

          1. That’s good as nothing has been showing up for me earlier today. Comcast, my internet provider, had two fiber optic cables break on Thursday and as a result, there have been widespread Comcast outages or diminished service since Thursday. On my laptop I have had only a few bars for three days. It affects TV and phone for some as well.

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