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Anubis – Dog of Death is a comic about Anubis, the Egyptian god of death.

Once a powerful creature, he now spends his days as a purse dog.

anubis dog of death comic

The comic is written by Sindre L. Finnøy (me) and drawn by John Barry Ballaran.

​It features action, comedy, drama and amazing art!

John Barry Ballaran is an incredibly talented artist, and draws for a living.

​And while I would like to fund the artwork entirely out of my own pocket, I am only allowing myself to pay for one page each month, to avoid financial ruin.

​So by utelising the Patreon crowdfunding website I hope to find some people who are interested enough in reading the comic as to speed up our release schedule by throwing us a buck or two.

support anubis dog of death on patreon

If you would like to help us out, go to to sign up.

Even if you can only spare $1 a month, it will help us immensely.

Reaching a funding goal will enable me to order one more page each month.

​We may not release that many each month, as we value the quality of our output more than getting it out on schedule, but any contribution will help speed up the making of this comic.

​And we will release some form of new content each week, be it new pages or behind-the-scenes material.

​I hope you check out the Patreon page, even if you are not able to contribute.

​We have a lot of cool stuff we want to share with you 🙂


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    1. Thank you 😀
      I’ve spent a lot of time on it already, and there is still a lot of work to be done.

      I hope so too 🙂
      Not a lot of contributors yet, but I always expected that to take a while.

        1. Awesome, thank you 😀

          I have shared it a bit on Twitter, and I am just about to put it on Instagram.

          I plan on using #AnubisDogOfDeath as a way for people to find it, and have asked the artist to use that hashtag aswell.

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