Writing Inspiration #4 – Video Essays

YouTube video essays

When I am stuck while writing, I watch video essays.

Not to blindly follow the storytelling-advice they provide, but to shake something out from my brain that was already there, just a bit out of reach.


And not only video essays on writing. Also on moviemaking, game creation, making speeches, and more!

Storytelling is storytelling.

You should draw knowledge from as many sources as you can.


Here are a few video essay creators I like: Errant Signal, Every Frame a Painting, Extra Credits, Folding Ideas, Just Write, Lindsay Ellis, MovieBob, Nerdwriter1, Super Bunnyhop, Tale Foundry, Terrible Writing Advice, Trope Talk, Wisecrack

You can find them all on YouTube 🙂


Writing Inspiration #3 – Nature

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