Writing Inspiration #5 – Other Writers

Writing Inspiration 5 - Other Writers

Writing Inspiration #4 was about taking inspiration from video essays, often about analyses of certain works or writers.

That sort of skipped over the more obvious advice, to simply take inspiration directly from those same works and writers.


I won’t go in too much detail as this can’t be news to too many people, but I felt it deserved an entry.

Certain writers have helped many by spreading words of wisdom, by what will help the most with inspiration is simply to consume a lot of the type of media you wish to create.

Be it sci-fi or articles, reading a lot of the subject is sure to get your imagination going!



This is the last one of these in a while. I’ll be sure to post some “footnote blog posts” in time, with more specific examples to each categories.

Here’s #1, just to loop it all.

Writing Inspiration #4 – Video Essays

YouTube video essays

When I am stuck while writing, I watch video essays.

Not to blindly follow the storytelling-advice they provide, but to shake something out from my brain that was already there, just a bit out of reach.


And not only video essays on writing. Also on moviemaking, game creation, making speeches, and more!

Storytelling is storytelling.

You should draw knowledge from as many sources as you can.


Here are a few video essay creators I like: Errant Signal, Every Frame a Painting, Extra Credits, Folding Ideas, Just Write, Lindsay Ellis, MovieBob, Nerdwriter1, Super Bunnyhop, Tale Foundry, Terrible Writing Advice, Trope Talk, Wisecrack

You can find them all on YouTube 🙂


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