The Cass Casserole with PBJ Sauce

For last month's geeky recipe I made The Scully Burger, based on FBI-agent Dana Scully, from The X-Files. I think it is only natural to move from The X-Files to Supernatural, just like many of the creative minds behind that show did.   In Supernatural, Castiel is an angel who sometimes helps the main characters, Sam and... Continue Reading →

My 3 Favorite Podcasts

When I am doing menial labor, at work or at home, or just during my commute, I like to distract myself from the boredom by listening to funny and interesting podcasts. Cleaning the bathroom can go from feeling like a drain on your life, to becoming a fun activity where you can laugh and learn.... Continue Reading →

My First Article on ‘Medium’

I just wrote an article on Medium. The article was a compilation of my earlier writing inspiration blog-posts, rewritten as an article. I think it turned out quite well.   If there is interest, I may do more of these later. Maybe rewrite parts of other blog-posts I've made, or write other things that don't fit here.... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day Sappiness

Today, seeing how it is Valentine's day, I will write about my love for my girlfriend. Sorry, but this is the day for it, and she is great.   We have been together for over six years now, our anniversary was almost a month ago. I met her in the cash-register she was working in... Continue Reading →

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