Valentine’s Day Sappiness


Today, seeing how it is Valentine’s day, I will write about my love for my girlfriend.

Sorry, but this is the day for it, and she is great.


We have been together for over six years now, our anniversary was almost a month ago.

I met her in the cash-register she was working in at the super-market, and proceeded to return to her register every time I went there since. In fact, I started going there far more often than needed.

One time, I bought a bouquet of roses, then handed them back to her once I had paid, saying “They are for you.”

At some point I wrote my number on my receipt and handed it back to her, so she could decide what she wanted to do. She messaged me later, we planned a date, and it went from there.


We have lived together for most of those years, and a year ago we bought our own apartment, and moved out of our rental.

We initially bonded over our mutual love of geeky popular culture and food, then later I found her to be a great travel companion, fun mountain-hiking company, interesting conversationalist, a shoulder to cry on, and my best friend.


Today we celebrated by having some wine and a meal with filled pasta, cherry tomatoes, olives and rucola.

We also ate chocolate and watched the movie Chocolat (recommended).



How was your Valentine’s?


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