Speech Bubbles, and the differences between how gods and people speak

speech bubbles

After I had written the script for Part One of my Anubis: Dog of Death comic book, I and artist John Barry Ballaran had to agree on several things in the pre-production phase of making the comic, before John could start drawing the pages. One of the things we had to decide upon were how we would utilize speech bubbles for our different characters.

Specifically how we would distinguish between normal human speech, and the language the gods would speak to each other with.

This is an important distinction, as the god/dog Anubis can be understood by other gods, but only sounds like he is barking to normal people.

Early on we tried having a different colored aura around the speech of gods from different religions. But in the end we decided to simplify it. Now our speech bubbles have every god’s speech surrounded by the same teal aura.

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