Anubis: Dog of Death #3 is now live on Kickstarter

Anubis: Dog of Death #3 is now live on Kickstarter!

‘Anubis: Dog of Death’ is an action comedy comic book series about the Egyptian god Anubis, doomed to live as a tiny purse dog in LA.

It’s written by me, and drawn by John Barry Ballaran.

In the third issue, Tor (the old Norse god of thunder) drags Anubis into a confrontation with Turkish sun goddess Gün Ana (Sun Mother) and Incan moon goddess Mama Killa (Mother Moon), when they attempt to assassinate Tor’s construction supervisor boss Jesus.

The first two issues successfully funded on Kickstarted back in 2020. But if you missed out on that, there will be an option for backers to get copies of those two as well.

This third Kickstarter campaign is running for 35 days from the 1st of March 2022.

Go check it out!

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