Easter Crime

easter crime

In Norway, one of our main Easter traditions is reading and watching crime fiction, which we will often sit down to enjoy after a long nice walk in the snow.

We call these stories “Easter-crime”.


The stories do not have to involve Easter, but they have to involve crime, mostly in the form of detective fiction.

I was going to write an explanation to why this is, but then I found that a perfect write-up on it had already been written, so I’ll just recommend a few crime-shows that I like.


My favorite types of easter-crime stories are BBC-adaptations of Agatha Christie novels, particularly Poirot movies.

Can’t beat David Suchet!


I also quite enjoyed season 1 and 2 of Broadchurch.

I’m planning to watch season 3 this year.


Everything with Sherlock Holmes is just lovely!

There is a really good audio drama which covers all the stories, and the BBC-show ‘Sherlock’ is a really good modern update to the stories.


What detective-fiction do you enjoy?

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    1. I have not seen that many political thrillers, so sadly I can’t recommend any.
      But David Fincher is a master of both political and crime thrillers, so any film or series made by him is worth a look 🙂

  1. Totally love all the shows you mention, my favorite is the Poirot series with David Suchet in the title role. There are some new books made from Christie’s Poirot stage plays — check out “Black Coffee,” which is quite good. I also like BBC’s “Miss Marple” Christie series, with Geraldine McEwan as Miss Jane Marple (there are two versions, and I’m not as fond of the version with Joan Hickson in the key role.)

    My husband is particularly addicted to “Broadchurch,” but we’ve recently become fans of “Shetland” — if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s really terrific. Obviously it takes place on the Shetland Islands, but in the current season, the Scottish characters venture to Norway to interface with Norwegian agents tracking a Norwegian right-wing extremist group called the “NDR.” Very timely topic worldwide right now, especially for me as an American, who’s currently having the liver scared out of me by the activities and beliefs of such groups back in the U.S. Wonderfully done mystery.

    1. I’ll check those out 🙂
      I’ve been wanting to check out Shetland for a while now, and you made it sound even more interesting 🙂

    1. Oh yeah, good call!
      I’ve seen some of Foyle, it’s really good 😀
      The episode I remember the most is the one with the unexploded bomb.

  2. Hello, I’m new to your blog. Love it. I have a suggestion for your Easter Crime segment, though I’m a little late–the German film, The Silence 2010. Great, great crime drama. A must-see if you haven’t seen it. If you have, watch it again. Ha! Nice to make your acquaintance.

    1. Glad to hear it 😀
      I have not seen that. I’ll put it on my movie-list, thanks!
      Nice to meet you too 🙂

  3. I watch and love Father Brown here in the UK though I obviously love Sherlock! Kenneth Brannagh’s Wallander was good though I don’t suppose you need to watch a British Version of that!!!! You’ve had Foyle recommended above which is tremendous of course and I do love a bit of the American show Medium!!!! Happy belated Easter!

    1. I’ve heard Father Brown and Wallander is good.
      Maybe something for next Easter now that Broadchurch has ended.

      I saw quite a bit of Medium during the earliest seasons, liked it a lot 🙂

      Same to you 😉

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