Deconstructed Red Mars/Green Mars/Blue Mars – Bar


As March is the month of the Roman god Mars, I decided that for this months geeky recipe, a deconstructed mars-bar would do nicely.

And what better geeky Mars-related property to choose, than Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars-trilogy of books; “Red Mars”, “Green Mars” and “Blue Mars”?

red mars blue mars green mars

I deconstructed the mars-bar by making a red nougat ice cream, green caramel sauce and blue chocolate cookie crumbles.


Look, I’m not gonna pretend this was an unmitigated success.

The ice cream did not set properly, the blue cookies looked green, and the colors….well, you have eyes. But it all tasted great!

And honestly, when doing weird stuff like this, sometimes it is going to turn out badly. Other times you can get something great!

I feel like this is all in the same exploratory spirit as Kim Stanley Robinson’s books about colonization and space-faring! What do you mean, that I’m “stretching it”!?


If you still would like to give it a shot, here are some links.


Nougat Ice Cream – Add red coloring.

Caramel Sauce – Add green coloring.

Blue Velvet Cookies – Make half, drop the white chocolate, crumble the cookies.


Maybe you’ll be able to improve on my efforts 🙂

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  1. I just finished reading this book series to my son and we always try a recipe to connect to our books and this was a huge hit!! He is six and adored the ice cream thanks for the amazing ideas!

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