Easter Crime

In Norway, one of our main Easter traditions is reading and watching crime fiction, which we will often sit down to enjoy after a long nice walk in the snow.

We call these stories “Easter-crime”.


The stories do not have to involve Easter, but they have to involve crime, mostly in the form of detective fiction.

I was going to write an explanation to why this is, but then I found that a perfect write-up on it had already been written, so I’ll just recommend a few crime-shows that I like.

My favorite types of easter-crime stories are BBC-adaptations of Agatha Christie novels, particularly Poirot movies.

Can’t beat David Suchet!

I also quite enjoyed season 1 and 2 of Broadchurch.

I’m planning to watch season 3 this year.

Everything with Sherlock Holmes is just lovely!

There is a really good audio drama which covers all the stories, and the BBC-show ‘Sherlock’ is a really good modern update to the stories.


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