InterRail 2010 – Part 11: Traveling to France


After visiting Hogwarts, I started my journey southward.


I took a train directly to London, where I bought a ticket on the Eurostar to Paris.

The Eurostar line goes in a tunnel under the English Channel, and is run by a company separate to the InterRail coalition, but I did get a discount.

Før tog til Paris

I had to wait for my train for quite some time, but as I were a bit tired from the journey so far, it was nice to just relax at the station with some entertainment I had brought.

I had an iPod filled with all the songs by Jonathan Coulton (that had been released at that point) and all the episodes of the Rooster Teeth Podcast (then called The Drunk Tank), and a book called ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ (a collection of shorts stories written by Neil Gaiman).

All of these things helped to keep me entertained in the lulls during this whole month of travel.

interrail 2010 part 11

The train-journey was comfortable enough but, as you can imagine, the view was nothing to brag about.

When I arrived in Paris it was already so late that I just found a place to stay for the night.


In the next part; Exploring Paris!


9 thoughts on “InterRail 2010 – Part 11: Traveling to France

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    1. You should do that!
      Great fun 😀

      And you could use my posts as a guide
      (but it is probably more fun to find your own way) 😛

  1. Going by train over long distances, I think is both fun and relaxing. You also see a lot on the way. When I was a child, we often traveled to Germany by train.

    1. I remember the stretches through Germany was very beautiful 🙂
      Very flat, so it felt like you could see for miles!

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