InterRail 2010 – Part 12: Exploring Paris


After traveling to France and getting a good nights sleep, I started strolling all over Paris.

I had been to Paris once when I was five, but this would be my first chance to truly experience the place.


Paris is a beautiful city with a lot of wonderful architecture, but it was still my least favorite stop on the entire journey.

I’m not sure if that is a reaction to being alone in the city of love, or because everything seemed to close extremely early compared to everywhere else, or maybe I was just at a low point emotionally at that point, or just affected by the gray weather.

That being said, I still enjoyed seeing all the sights.



One of the first places I visited were the Louvre Museum.


I was a bit surprised at how many other things that art they had on display, as I had always just associated the Louvre with artworks, but they had a good deal of archeological discoveries there aswell.

After exploring the city a bit more I suddenly saw the Eiffel Tower emerging between some buildings at the end of the road.


I had been up at the first platform of the tower with my father when I was five, but I had not dared going to the top.

I considered trying this time, but after taking a closer look I decided that I didn’t even want to go up to the first platform this time.

I am not sure if my vertigo had gotten worse, or if it was due to me being there alone, but when I did manage to visit the Empire State Building when I was in New York with my girlfriend some years later, even if I was acting pretty hysterical.

In any case, I took a selfie and got going.




I walked long into the night, and saw many wonderful sight, before I headed back to my room.

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Then, early the next morning, I jumped on a train heading southward.


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    1. I think I need to go back for more than a day sometime, there was so much to see 🙂
      Next time I’ll have someone with me too!

  1. Just came back from Paris a months ago, did you get surprised by the “so-called” green grass seating area in front of it? It was dirt! I remember thinking oh wow, pictures of this place must be old 🙂

    1. I never really noticed the grass either in pictures or in real life.
      Could be they are just doing some gardening work between tourist seasons 🙂

  2. I enjoyed the gardens, especially Tuilleries, Versailles and the Japanese Garden, west of the Eiffel Tower, the most of all in Paris. I went on a guided tour of Louvre and bantered with the Roma, who live along the Seine. It sounds as if you saw what you wanted to see of the capital, and that’s a good thing.

    1. I did not see any of the gardens, but I was there in October so they may not have been as good anyway.
      But I’ll keep them in mind for next time 🙂

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