InterRail 2010 – Part 17: Venice

After visiting Rome, I headed straight to Venice.

It is a beautiful city filled with sights unlike anywhere else.

I didn’t spend too much time here, but I did stay for the night.

I mostly walked around looking at stuff, so it would be nice to return there someday with my girlfriend, so that we could try some of the more touristy things.

It would be cool to go on a gondola ride, and try out some of the nicer restaurants.

Like when I was in Paris, I think my enjoyment was somewhat hampered by being alone in a city of love.

I think I was also starting to tire out from the journey, at this last stop before heading home.

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  1. I hope you make it back to Venice. It’s not unique, for almost every place merits more than one visit as one learns more, but Venice is particularly rewarding. You’ll never run out of restaurants to try!
    It looks like you may not have been there on a tremendously crowded day, and that’s a big advantage. In high season, the mobs from cruise ships make the town difficult to enjoy.
    A caution about gondola rides: they can be expensive. An inexpensive gondola ride — one genuine Venetians use — is the “traghetto” that simply crosses major waterways at various points. The ride gets you into a gondola as actual transportation, rather than simply amusement, and only costs a couple of Euro (last time I was there, at least).
    I’m pleased to visit your site. I appreciate your visit to Under Western Skies many months ago.

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