My First Trip to Paris


In 1995, when I was five years old, I traveled to Paris with my mother, father and baby sister.

We were going there to participate in a family member’s wedding, but I barely remember anything about that event.


But I do remember some other minor stuff, like experiencing cola in a can for the first time, and probably having way to much, getting rather hyper in the process.

And while I don’t actually remember it, I found a picture of me experiencing a moving walkway for the first time, and absolutely loving it!



I recall that Paris is where I got my panda teddy-bear, which I promptly named Pandabear.


There were a lot of panda souvenirs in Paris at the time, probably modeled after Paris’ then resident panda Yen Yen.

Pandabear and Lars The Doll were my two favorite toys when I was really young, and I still have them to this day, although I’m not sure in which moving-box.


I also remember going to Disneyland Paris.


What I remember most is how the rocket on the outside of Space Mountain towered over the park.


I can’t remember if I was too young or too scared to go on it, but I did not, which I regret now.

I do remember going in the ‘Beauty and The Beast’ teacups, and getting motion-sickness.


I remember that my father tried to get me to go with him to the top of the Eiffel Tower, but I only dared going to the middle part.

For some reason I started dropping coins down to the ground, but I was soon stopped, and told that if they hit anyone they would get severely hurt.

I have later learned that this is thankfully not very accurate.


But I do find it interesting that I was afraid to go to the top of the tower even back then.

Makes we wonder if I was just born with a fear of heights, or if something happened to trigger it even earlier than this.


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    1. Now that you mention it, I can see that I really was 😛
      I’m still quite tall though.

      Age is weird.
      The difference between 5 and 25 is far greater than between 25 and 45, and even greater than between 45 and 65.

      1. Well I’m not 65 yet🤣🤣🤣🤣
        My daughter’s and in particular the youngest one are very tall too and complaint that they have always to be in last row in school pics.I had the same in my days but now I’m grateful to be tall😀

  1. That first visit to Paris is magical and would be hard to forget. However, I do hope at sometime, you explore beyond it. There is really so much more to France.

    1. Next week I will continue with my Interrail 2010 posts.
      The first one will be about Paris, but after that I have a post about Nancy.

      I enjoyed Nancy more than Paris on that trip, but I’ll blame that on some really sad and grey weather in Paris.

      But beyond that, I think it would be really nice to vacation in a smaller French (and Italian) town sometime.

      1. I was only in Nancy briefly when I first moved to France. A friend’s daughter lives there and she took me up there. My first car here was the one I bought from her. Oh what a ride back home that was! I wasn’t familier with the huge suspension bridge at Millau until I found myself driving on it and it began to snow as I headed toward the National Forest on the other side. It was breathtaking. While I have been to other parts of France and have a long list of places I want to see, this is home. I am on the Mediterranean and only an hour from Spain. What more could I want? Nothing!

  2. Great memories – I didn’t know there was a Disneyland in Paris. I’ve been to the one in Anaheim, California in 1966, but not to the one in Orlando, Florida (Disney World).

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