InterRail 2010 – Part 13: Nancy

Place Stanislas - Nancy France

After visiting Paris, I started heading south, toward Italy.

I was going to take the train through Switzerland to get there, so I had to change trains in the French town of Nancy.

I had some time to kill before my train departed, so I decided to have a look around.


A thing I saw that really caught my attention is a sculpture I think I have identified as a World War I Moselle memorial, but I could not find anything concrete online to be sure, and I failed to get the plaque in the picture.

Moselle Memorial Nancy golden black heart hearts sculpture statue

I like the symbolism of a golden heart atop a mass of blackened hearts, even if I fail to draw the connection to World War I.


I did not have enough time to see very much of the town, but what I saw seemed peaceful and beautiful, and I am glad I got to see a different side to France than just Paris before I left the country.

But just as soon as I had arrived, I was on my way to Switzerland!


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  1. To go to Paris and say you have been to France is a bit like saying you visited Hollywood so you’ve been to America. I adore Paris, but there is so much more to this wonderful country I am privileged to live in. To see that sculpture and take several photos would be worth the trip to Nancy. Thank you for sharing it.

    1. If you ever go, please try to identify exactly what that sculpture is.
      I tried my best to find info online, but there was barely anything.
      It is so cool, there needs to be a better source on it.

      1. If only I had known when I first came here. I was in Nancy buying my old car from a friend’s daughter who was living there… I shall do my best as it fascinates me. Thank you.

            1. Very!
              Just had to use Google Translate.

              The source I used was completely wrong!
              It is not for World War I at all, but for World Transplant Games.
              That makes way more sense 😛

                  1. If I am lucky, it won’t be before Spring. A friend may be coming to do an artists residency in Lyon and perhaps then? 🙂 If I get there it would certainly be a post or more? 🙂

  2. I see you have discovered more info on this statue which you mentioned a few weeks ago in some comments we had. I looked to see if someone could ID it for you. Excellent!

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