InterRail 2010 – Part 10: Alnwick Castle


After visiting Cardiff I took the train back to England, and traveled north up to Newcastle, Northumberland.

After dropping my rucksack of at a hotel, I hopped on the bus out to Alnwick Castle.


I had traveled to this particular castle because this was the castle which had been used as the filming location for Hogwarts in the first two Harry Potter movies, ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ and ‘The Chamber of Secrets’, and had as a result informed the look of Hogwarts in all subsequent films.

In the movies there were of course a lot added to the castle in post-production, mostly in height, but I did not mind. Hogwarts was a place I had wanted to visit ever since I devoured the books as a child.


While doing research for this post, I learned that the castle had been used to film many other things than just Harry Potter, but one of them made me really exited.


In February of 1983, Rowan Atkinson and his co-stars were filming around Alnwick Castle, as it would double as King Richard IV’s castle for the first Blackadder season, titled ‘The Black Adder’.

Blackadder is one of my favorite comedy shows, so I wish that I would have noticed that when I was there.

After I was done soaking in the Hogwartsian atmosphere, I took the bus back to my hotel.

And after a night in Newcastle, I started my journey southwards, to France!


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  1. I like this very focused itinerary. Something in me is surprised you didn’t go to Lindisfarne, from Newcastle, but France will be quite a treat. Hope you have time for Carnac.

    1. Don’t think I knew about Lindisfarne back in 2010, or I would probably have gone 🙂
      Same with Carnac.

  2. I like the architecture of old castles and historical buildings. I hope no relics or historical buildings are lost in this terrible wildfire in Athens.

    1. Me too 🙂
      Really old buildings are usually made of stone, so the fire is worse for new buildings and the people.

      1. I heard a story on the radio, but can’t find an article with a link to send you, but, apparently, the number one tourist destination, based on Snapchat user’s pictures is your country. The radio story said it had been due to the movie “Frozen” initially, but it still remains #1 even though the movie’s popularity has faded.

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