InterRail 2010 – A Travelogue

In 2010, I spent almost the entirety of October on an InterRail trip through Europe.

I recently finished documenting the entire trip in a series of blog posts, which you can find linked below.

Happy trails! ..or train tracks, that is!

Part 1: From Bergen to Berlin

Part 2: Exploring Berlin

Part 3: Köln

Part 4: Amsterdam’s Cheese

Part 5: The Concert

Part 6: Exploring Amsterdam

Part 7: Traveling to England

Part 8: Stonehenge

Part 9: Cardiff

Part 10: Alnwick Castle

Part 11: Traveling to France

Part 12: Exploring Paris

Part 13: Nancy

Part 14: Brig

Part 15: Pisa

Part 16: Rome

Part 17: Venice

Part 18: Going Home

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