InterRail 2010 – Part 1: From Bergen to Berlin

interrail 2010 part 1

I am continuing my project of curating my own Facebook photos, and this post is the first in a long series about an InterRail-trip I took during October in 2010.


I had just finished a year in the military, stationed quite a ways way outside of a city in the northern parts of Norway. It was cold, boring and mostly lonely.

Being stuck somewhere you don’t want to be, for the better parts of a year, really makes you want to spread your wings and experience the world.

Trading one location for many, if you like.

1 Start

I started in my hometown of Bergen, Norway.

From there I travelled via Sweden and Denmark, down to Hamburg in Germany, where I stayed for the first night.


I only ever saw Hamburg in the dark, as I arrived quite late and left very early, but the area around the train-station is one of the seedier places I have seen in my life.

The first hotel I tried booking a room with was very classy and nice, but I reacted to the prices there. So the man behind the desk pointed me down an alley, claiming there would be hotels more in my price-range down there.

So I found a pretty shabby-looking building which advertised bed-renting. I was not overjoyed, but thought “When in Rome!”, and entered. But when I tried to book a room the guy just stared weirdly at me, and said that I had to “go get a girl first”.

Confused, I exited the building and noticed that, yes, this was a hooker-district.

Those beds where not meant to be slept in.

I returned to the first hotel, walked across the street, and stayed at their just as expensive competitor.


The day after, I was pretty happy to leave Hamburg behind, and jumped on the first train to Berlin.

When I arrived, I checked in at one of those hotels where you share a room with three other people. This worked fine and was inexpensive, but I decided that after a day of travel that I needed more privacy. I could not relax completely with a room full of strangers.

After those two hotel-experiences, I stopped caring about prices, and probably lived much more glamorously than most people on InterRail-trips do.



In the next part; Exploring Berlin

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    1. The train tickets were luckily pretty cheap, and I did not go overboard in the food department.

      Glad to hear it 🙂
      Not sure if Part 2 will be the next thing I post, but pretty soon anyway.

      1. Sounds like an interesting trip and I can remember as far back as the 70s when people, or often students, traveling through Europe on Eurail passes was the way to see the world … perhaps that method of travel was available long before then, but became popular at this time. None of my friends liked to travel, so I usually went with an organized tour group as it was safer (for me anyway – I was adventurous, but that adventurous to travel by myself the entire trip with no organized agenda). I think that universities would have dorm rooms available cheap to stay overnight – no frills, just clean and cheap lodging.

        OK, will hold on and see your Part 2 when you publish it. Always like to read of other’s adventures, especially if I’ve been in that country or place before.

        1. I probably should have tried harder to find someone to travel with. It can’t have been 100% safe.
          But all is well! 😛

          I went to a lot of countries, so I bet you have been to at least a few.
          Looking forward to hear your take on them 🙂

    1. Same 🙂

      I found four of your comments in my spam btw, so that is why I’m replying so late.
      Sorry ’bout that.

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