‘The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone’ and ‘Pan Twardowski’

I have always been fond of subversions of fairy tales and fantasy, so it came as no surprise that I ended up loving ‘The Witcher 3’ when I played it about a year ago. The game was so full of subversions of different stories from my childhood that I was absolutely giddy!

The first expansion pack to the game, ‘Hearts of Stone’, is more focused on a single story, ‘Faust’. Or more accurately, the Polish version of ‘Faust’, ‘Pan Twardowski’.


If you have already played the expansion, or even if you have no intention of ever doing so, watching the video essay on ‘Heats of Stone’ by Super Bunnyhop, that I embedded above, should be quite interesting.

And if the video above whets your appetite for more video game storytelling, here’s another great video essay!

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