InterRail 2010 – Part 15: Pisa


Later the same evening that I had left Brig, I arrived in Milan, Italy.


I did not get to see much of that city, as I was soon on a train to Florence, where I took in on a hotel near the station, and left on the first train in the morning, so I did not get to see much of that city either.

I was headed toward Rome, but decided to take a detour through Pisa while I was in the neghbourhood.


As soon as I arrived, I headed straight for the Leaning Tower.

I knew the general direction, and I figured it would stick out enough for me to spot it easily.


I ended up wandering for quite some time before I saw the Leaning Tower jutting out at the end of a street.


I arrived just before they were closing, so I just barely managed to buy a ticket.


I had not dared going up the Eiffel Tower on this trip, but I was determined that I would not let my fear of heights stop me again, particularly because this tower was much smaller, and did not look that crooked to me.


As soon as I started ascending the stairs, the tower started to seem much more crooked.


I just about managed to get to the top before I had hurry down to ground level again.

As I strolled back to the train station along the Arno River, I was happy that I had made myself go up there.


I took a room when I arrived in Rome, and readied myself for another day of new experiences.


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