InterRail 2010 – Part 11: Traveling to France

After visiting Hogwarts, I started my journey southward.


I took a train directly to London, where I bought a ticket on the Eurostar to Paris.

The Eurostar line goes in a tunnel under the English Channel, and is run by a company separate to the InterRail coalition, but I did get a discount.

I had to wait for my train for quite some time, but as I were a bit tired from the journey so far, it was nice to just relax at the station with some entertainment I had brought.

I had an iPod filled with all the songs by Jonathan Coulton (that had been released at that point) and all the episodes of the Rooster Teeth Podcast (then called The Drunk Tank), and a book called ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ (a collection of shorts stories written by Neil Gaiman).

All of these things helped to keep me entertained in the lulls during this whole month of travel.

The train-journey was comfortable enough but, as you can imagine, the view was nothing to brag about.

When I arrived in Paris it was already so late that I just found a place to stay for the night.


In the next part; Exploring Paris!

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InterRail 2010 – Part 7: Traveling to England

After Amsterdam, I traveled up to Hoek van Holland, or The Hook of Holland as it is known in English.

From there I took a ferry which is a part of the Dutchflyer rail-ferry service between Hook van Holland Haven station and Harwich International station in England.

Then from Harwich I took the train to Liverpool Street station in central London.


I did not spend much time in London during this trip, since I had already been there, and I wanted to experience as many new places as possible during my month on the rails.

So I quickly traveled on to Salisbury, to see Stonehenge.

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My Trip To The British Museum, A Decade Ago

I am continuing to curate my own Facebook photos, and this time I have found some cool images from the time I visited The British Museum in 2008.

This is from the same trip to London as I mentioned in my previous post. I had taken a lot of pictures there, but most of them were very blurry, so the curation-process went rather quickly.

If you have not been, and ever get the chance, The British Museum is absolutely worth a visit.

There are plenty of interesting statues, murals, archeological curiosities and other old junk from all over the world, and timescale.

Sure, a lot of these pieces were stolen from their rightful owners during colonial times, but you can’t knock the convenience of having all these interesting things in a single location.

I am however of the opinion that if the countries that originally owned this stuff wants them back, the museum should just hand it out.

After all, it’s not like everybody wants their old stuff back. The museum would be left with plenty, I’m sure.

There is this sort of macabre sense of doing something wrong when gazing down on the mummies and skeletons of long dead people.

But it is only matter, the persons they once were have long since passed. No chance that they will take offence.


Here is the full album, with a few more pictures, if you want to see the full set.

British Museum 2008



I now sign off, with this goofy lion:

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