Visiting London As A Couple

Visiting London As A Couple

In the summer of 2013, me and my girlfriend Renate went on our first holiday together, after a little over a year of dating. We decided to start off with a few days in London.

We had both been to London a few times before, so this would be a holiday of hanging around the city doing whatever we wanted. If we had visited a new location, we would have felt obligated to do all the touristy stuff. But since we had both already gotten that stuff out of the way, we could just relax this time.

First thing we noticed when we arrived was that there was a Fish & Chips shop right next to our hotel. So we had very immediate access to British culture!

One of the first things Renate wanted to do on the trip was to go to a David Bowie museum exhibit. It was really cool, and we stopped at a great ice cream parlor near the Victoria & Albert Museum afterwards.

We then had tickets to see the ‘We Will Rock You’ Queen musical at the Dominion Theatre, celebrating its 10th anniversary. We absolutely loved it!

At one point we even visited a Doctor Who merch store way out at the edge of the city. It was pretty fun, but probably not worth the hassle.

Other than that we pretty much just hung around London.

Going to pubs, eating at cafés, checking out stores. At one point we even went to the London Film Museum. We also ended up watching The World’s End (the spiritual sequel to the best movie ever) in a mostly empty movie theater, while eating pizza we had smuggled in.

So for the most part we pretty much just gallivanted all over London, which was the plan. And this being such a successful holiday paved the way for our visit to New York the following year!

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  1. Looks like you had a great trip to London. I went to the Bowie exhibition as well, it was awesome.I used to live in London back then, I’ve escaped to the countryside now, but I still love to visit the city when I can. Glad you enjoyed some fish and chips during your stay, have to have that if you visit the UK. And you even met a friendly Dalek as well! 🙂

    1. I’ve never really been to the English countyside. Media makes it look really idyllic, so I hope I get the chance sometime 🙂

      1. You should if you get the chance, there’s so many lovely places to visit. I love London, but nothing beats the peace, tranquility, and beauty of the countryside. 🙂

          1. Cornwall is beautiful part of the southwest coast. There are some nice places in East Anglia on the east Suffolk coast. Wales is also a lovely place to visit, Colwyn Bay in North Wale especially. These are all places I’ve enjoyed 🙂

  2. Only been to England. While homebase was Bristol, that trip all started in London. My family was in England for a pilgrimage: the adult choir at church was in residence at Bristol Cathedral: not only did the choir come, so did other prisoners and family members went.

    My family went up two days early to get used to the time difference, and to get a little more out of London. From Platform 9 and 3/4 at King’s Cross Station and Les Mis at Queen’s Theater (this was back on July 30th, 2015). Then the next day, the pilgrimage began, which started at Windsor Castle, the next day- walking tour of London and Evensong at Westminster, the next was Eucharist at St. Paul’s Cathedral and walking around Tower of London.

    After all of that, time to head to Bristol

  3. Das war bestimmt eine wunderschöne, glückliche Zeit für ein verliebtes Paar!
    “We Will Rock You” ist ein tolles Musical, das wir auch schon mit viel Freude und Spaß angesehen haben.

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