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I and my girlfriend went to Oslo this last weekend. Going from the second biggest city in Norway to the biggest city may not seem like it would be that different, but in a country as sparsely populated as Norway, this was something of a big-city vacation for us.


We were mostly going to visit a friend of my girlfriend, who had moved to Oslo many years ago.

Her parents still living in Bergen, she had visited us a few times, and this would be the first time we reciprocated.

We met up in the city center, then proceeded to walk around to see the sights for much of the day, stopping in stores along the way.

While Oslo was not much colder than Bergen, it was much more covered in snow. In Bergen you usually get snow, then rain, then ice, then snow, and so on, so it is more slippery than wintry here at this time of year.


Much of the distance we covered was along this river. At the point pictured here,  much of a waterfall had been frozen completely over, with the water making a new river in and under this new ice-“landscape”.

It was hard to capture just how cool this looked on camera, but if it does not come across, I am pretty sure that you could safely walk over that ridge. Not a risk I would be willing to take, but still.


At the end of the walk we stopped at a food hall, where I ate a delicious chicken-leg burger, before we later met up with our friend again, at her apartment, where she had cooked some wonderful summer rolls.

I really over-ate that day.


All in all it was a great little mini-vacation, and I really needed that after not traveling anywhere last year.

It made my participation in The Time Travel Blogathon slightly harder, since that took place at the same time, but it all worked out quite well.

Looking forward to our next trip already, wherever it may be!


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    1. I guess I forgot to mention, but I have been there a few times before, mostly for family gatherings and such.
      I have only done touristy things like this there once before, long ago, when I was still a kid.

      Glad you liked them 😀
      I’ll pass the compliment to my girlfriend 😉

  1. Hello and thank you for following my blog – I am going to follow you as well. I just looked at the snow and ice there in Norway. Here in Southeast Michigan we had a bad Winter and a lot of snow (for us) (we had about 70 inches altogether so far). I say “so far” knowing full well that it may snow here in Michigan up to mid-April. I am an avid walker, so I am hoping the snow is done until November or December. I was in beautiful Norway during a Scandinavian trip I took through Maupintour. It was a three-week trip, and we began our trip in Bergen and I remember going to the Quay and have a picturesque photo as a reminder of that bustling part of the City. We also visited Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Russia during the trip. Your country is very beautiful, and so clean. I was there in June, so no snow. 🙂

    1. Thank you too 😀
      Yeah, I hope winter will be done with soon. I hope to walk more in the mountains this year than last, we have some very nice hiking-mountains here in Bergen.

      Glad you liked it here 🙂
      In the US, I have only been to San Diego and New York, and a day-trip to DC. Enjoyed the visit.
      Would love to visit states like Michigan sometime.

      1. I enjoy the first flurries and that’s about it for Winter. I am Canadian, and have lived here since 1966, still a Canadian citizen. People say to me “but Canadians are supposed to like Winter” … not this Canadian.

        San Diego is supposed to have the most perfect weather of the entire U.S., but I have a friend who just retired and moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico, and their weather is sunnier, less severe weather events, like California. He researched around to find a state that had the most sunny days in the year and favorable weather and then lived there on Winter … he was a fan. It does get very hot in the Summer months, but it is dry heat, like Arizona … none of the high humidity like we get.

        Michigan does have its nice spots and is known as the Great Lakes State. We have many waterways that are beautiful and so boating enthusiasts love the state for that.

        I’ve never been hiking in the mountains since I began my walking regimen in 2011. I did visit Austria with my parents in 1979 and in May we went hiking through mountains where we stayed … very beautiful and all the wildflowers were out.

        1. We folk from the northern countries are used to Winter, and know how terrible they can be 😛

          Some retired Norwegians migrate in the Winter too, often to places like Spain or the Canary Islands.

          The mountains around Bergen are so close to the city that you can just walk up and down in a few hours, then take the bus home.
          Two of the more popular mountains even has a café on top.

          1. That’s true – you do get used to the cold and snow. One of the bloggers I follow is from Finland and she is always mentioning how snowy it is.

            The coast of Spain is nice; I visited there in 1974 with friends of our family. Don’t travel anymore, but glad to have traveled a lot when I was younger.

            That sounds very nice with the mini getaway for a hike in the mountains. Being out in nature clears your mind and is a refreshing pause in our hectic lives. Mine is not all that hectic as I work from home, but still nice to commune with nature a bit.

    1. I have actually not taken a fjord-cruise myself.
      But I have had several driving-holidays along the fjords :p

        1. I think I will at some point 🙂
          I do still enjoy the majesty of the fjords, even after living here all my life.

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