The Time Travel Blogathon

Here is reblog-link to the full list of links to the various great blogs in The Time Travel Blogathon that I took part in with my last blog-post Source Code – A Retrospective.

There are a lot of good posts there, so…get clicking! 😉

Silver Screenings

Time travel? Great Scott! Image: Giphy

Whee! We are thrilled to co-host The Time Travel Blogathon with our pal Rich of Wide Screen World.

As Rich says, “Time travel movies include more than just the Terminators and Back to the Futures of the world: think of A Christmas Carol or A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court or Brigadoon.”

Film history is brimming with time travel adventures, and we can’t wait to celebrate them the weekend of March 9-11, 2018.

Just let us know your movie choice(s) and we’ll collect all entries the weekend of March 9-11. Whether a film is 100 years old, or has just been released in theatres or on Netflix, we want to know what excites you about these films.

Stuck for ideas? You can find a list of time travel movies HERE.

Grab a banner, and we’ll see you…

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