Oslo In The Snow

I and my girlfriend went to Oslo this last weekend. Going from the second biggest city in Norway to the biggest city may not seem like it would be that different, but in a country as sparsely populated as Norway, this was something of a big-city vacation for us.

We were mostly going to visit a friend of my girlfriend, who had moved to Oslo many years ago.

Her parents still living in Bergen, she had visited us a few times, and this would be the first time we reciprocated.

We met up in the city center, then proceeded to walk around to see the sights for much of the day, stopping in stores along the way.

While Oslo was not much colder than Bergen, it was much more covered in snow. In Bergen you usually get snow, then rain, then ice, then snow, and so on, so it is more slippery than wintry here at this time of year.

Much of the distance we covered was along this river. At the point pictured here,  much of a waterfall had been frozen completely over, with the water making a new river in and under this new ice-“landscape”.

It was hard to capture just how cool this looked on camera, but if it does not come across, I am pretty sure that you could safely walk over that ridge. Not a risk I would be willing to take, but still.

At the end of the walk we stopped at a food hall, where I ate a delicious chicken-leg burger, before we later met up with our friend again, at her apartment, where she had cooked some wonderful summer rolls.

I really over-ate that day.


All in all it was a great little mini-vacation, and I really needed that after not traveling anywhere last year.

It made my participation in The Time Travel Blogathon slightly harder, since that took place at the same time, but it all worked out quite well.

Looking forward to our next trip already, wherever it may be!

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