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From time to time, I like to take a look at the stats for my blog.

It can be both fun and useful to see where my site visitors get referred from, and in which country I have the most readers.


But after looking at the information I was given, I started to wonder about the information I was not given.

Which countries have I never gotten any views from, and how can I change that?

After looking around, I came up with the WordPress Country List below.


I am not sure if it is 100% correct, but it is in the ballpark.

I have also marked the countries I have received views from with green text and an X, just to help myself keep track in the future.




The WordPress Country List

Andorra X

United Arab Emirates X

Afghanistan X

Antigua & Barbuda X

Anguilla X

Albania X

Algeria X

Armenia X

Angola X

Antarctica X

Argentina X

American Samoa X

Austria X

Australia X

Aruba X

Åland Islands


Bosnia & Herzegovina X

Barbados X

Bangladesh X

Belgium X

Burkina Faso X

Bulgaria X

Bahrain X

Burundi X

Benin X

St. Barthélemy X

Bermuda X

Brunei X

Bolivia X

Brazil X

Bahamas X

Bhutan X

Bouvet Island

Botswana X

Belarus X

Belize X

Canada X

Caribbean Netherlands X

Cayman Islands X

Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Congo – Brazzaville X

Congo – Kinshasa X

Central African Republic X

Switzerland X

Côte d’Ivoire X

Cook Islands X

Chile X

Cameroon X

China X

Colombia X

Costa Rica X


Cape Verde X

Curaçao X

Christmas Island

Croatia X

Cyprus X

Czech Republic X

Germany X

Djibouti X

Denmark X

Dominica X

Dominican Republic X

Algeria X

Ecuador X

Estonia X

Egypt X

European Union X

Western Sahara


Spain X

Ethiopia X

Finland X

Fiji X

Falkland Islands X

Faroe Islands X

France X

Gabon X

United Kingdom X

Grenada X

Georgia X

French Guiana X

Guernsey X

Ghana X

Gibraltar X

Greenland X

Gambia X

Guinea X

Guadeloupe X

Equatorial Guinea X

Greece X

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

Guatemala X

Guam X

Guinea-Bissau X

Guyana X

Hong Kong SAR China X

Heard Island and McDonald Islands

Honduras X

Haiti X

Hungary X

Indonesia X

Ireland X

Israel X

Isle of Man X

India X

British Indian Ocean Territory

Iraq X

Islamic Republic of Iran

Iceland X

Italy X

Jersey X

Jamaica X

Jordan X

Japan X

Kenya X

Kyrgyzstan X

Cambodia X

Kiribati X

Comoros X

St. Kitts & Nevis X

North Korea (the Democratic People’s Republic of)

South Korea X

Kuwait X

Kazakhstan X

Kosovo X

Laos X

Lebanon X

St. Lucia X

Liechtenstein X

Sri Lanka X

Liberia X

Lesotho X

Lithuania X

Luxembourg X

Latvia X

Libya X

Morocco X

Monaco X

Moldova X

Montenegro X

St. Martin X

Sint Maarten X

Madagascar X

Marshall Islands X

Macedonia X

Mali X

Myanmar (Burma) X

Mongolia X

Macao SAR China X

Northern Mariana Islands X

Martinique X

Mauritania X

Montserrat X

Malta X

Mauritius X

Maldives X

Malawi X

Mexico X

Malaysia X

Micronesia X

Mozambique X

Namibia X

New Caledonia X

Niger X

Norfolk Island X

Nigeria X

Nicaragua X

Netherlands X

Norway X

Nepal X

Nauru X


New Zealand X

Oman X

Panama X

Peru X

French Polynesia X

Papua New Guinea X

Philippines X

Pakistan X

Poland X

St. Pierre & Miquelon X


Puerto Rico X

Palestinian Territories X

Portugal X

Palau X

Paraguay X

Qatar X

Réunion X

Romania X

Serbia X

Russia X

Rwanda X

Saudi Arabia X

Solomon Islands X

Seychelles X

Sudan X

Sweden X

Singapore X

St. Helena X

Slovenia X

Svalbard and Jan Mayen

Slovakia X

Sierra Leone X

San Marino X

Senegal X

Somalia X

Suriname X

South Sudan X

São Tome & Príncipe X

El Salvador X

Syria X

Swaziland X

Turks & Caicos Islands X

Chad X

French Southern Territories

Togo X

Thailand X

Tajikistan X


Timor-Leste X


Tunisia X

Tonga X

Turkey X

Trinidad & Tobago X


Taiwan X

Tanzania X

Ukraine X

Uganda X

United States Minor Outlying Islands

United States X

Uruguay X

Uzbekistan X

Holy See (Vatican City State)

St. Vincent & Grenadines X

Venezuela X

British Virgin Islands X

U.S. Virgin Islands X

Vietnam X

Vanuatu X

Wallis & Futuna X

Samoa X

Yemen X

Mayotte X

South Africa X

Zambia X

Zimbabwe X



It seems my blog has been visited by people in 212 different places, out of a possible 235 places.

Mentioning all of the countries on the WordPress Country List by name may actually improve my readership in different places. So this could be interesting to see the results of.


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79 thoughts on “WordPress Country List

Add yours

    1. I sometimes wonder why I reach the countries I do.
      I think many people in India like Norway, as I get more hits from there when I write about Norwegian stuff.

  1. It is simply fantastic to be able to interact wit people on the other side of the world…..the good side of the web I suppose💁🏻‍♀️

    1. I wish it could be like this on all platforms, but I think some of them have a big infrastucture problem.
      Probably not easy to keep that in check on the biggest platforms.

  2. That’s amazing Sindre … I’ve not looked at mine in awhile. P.S. – I thought I’d wear out the scroll wheel on my mouse to get to the end of your long list. :0

    1. Yeah, I was a bit suprised when I saw how many places are being counted.
      I would have guessed at 50 in total, and that is only half of the places I have reached myself.

        1. After that, did your blog blow up suddenly, or did you start a slow climb at that mark?
          Any specific event that marked the change?

          1. My blog blew up suddenly and it was just incredible. I can’t even remember what triggered it. I had the same small group of e-mail subscribers all that time. I never tagged my posts before I hit the five-year mark back in February of this year. But, last Thanksgiving, someone made a comment on a post and followed me. I didn’t know this person and they must have been searching for a topic of similar interest and found me. I followed back and I commented on their last blog post and all of a sudden there were all kinds of follows. I was overwhelmed and still am because right now, including the e-mail people, it is 258. I realize some people have thousands of followers. I won’t get to that point and I don’t how they do it – you couldn’t be working at the same time, that’s for sure. I also realize some followers just followed for the followback but it still amazes me.

            1. When I started, I felt that I should not have both tags and categories.
              I think it started helping for me aswell when I started tagging posts.

              The amount of followers are not as important as how engaged they are.
              Your posts always seem to get a lot of comments 🙂

              I have some hits and misses.
              Based on engagement, I should probably stop having music posts, but I enjoy finding songs for them, so I won’t.

              1. I have never done the categories – it took me long enough to use tags.

                I agree as to the number of followers and I don’t like if people follow for the follow-back. I had a young woman ask me to follow her two weeks ago – I followed to be polite, though her interests were not mine (high school girl, writing about life in general) … yesterday she is crowing about having 500 followers. To me, that is not the same as building a following through people who share the same or common interests. I began this as a blog about walking, have morphed more into a blog about walking AND nature. And sometimes I stray into a funny post to muse about. But asking for followers, then touting how many turned me off – I unfollowed her.

                It is nice to get comments – there were times that I felt I was writing for the sake of writing and getting it out of my head, which was okay too. I also blog at a hyperlocal newspaper – we had a blogging group of people who were contributors to the “Patch.com” in their respective states. Patch was owned by AOL and was sold and the new company got rid of all the editors in each state and made regional editors and one person in charge of the entire operation – our Community Engagement Specialist. Our blogging group broke up, but I still post there because it is another outlet for my blog, though not a single person every comments, I am the only blogger there in the “Wyandotte Patch” but every so often the national community editor will circulate one of my posts in his weekly round-up. I also have my blog on the local newspaper’s blog roll – but I never get any comments from there either.

                1. Categories don’t help with views, but they put all posts of a type in a group.
                  Unless you went back and marked all of your posts, I see no reason for you to do it.
                  I did it from the start, so I might as well continue.

                  Sounds annoying :S
                  I would never ask for followers, at least not out of nowhere.
                  And I don’t think I would just brag about follower amount either, buuut I do have a one-year anniversary-post planned where I were possibly going to mention it, but maybe I should not 😛

                  I also see the point in writing for the sake of writing, and I’m also getting to make sense of my own early history in the process.

                  Local stuff is less likely to get readers, that’s why I don’t write in Norwegian.
                  You may have more local readers on your main blog than on the local one 😛

                  1. Maybe I should categorize them going forward?

                    I would never ask for followers either – I was sorry I followed to be polite and bragging about 500 followers afterward turned me off.

                    I did mention my followers once because someone nominated me for an award and I declined it – you had to give the award to your ten favorite bloggers. Even though I was not following that many people at that time, I wrote a whole long post about it and said that to pick one person’s blog as a favorite over another one would not be right. I would feel I was snubbing the others and hoped the person who nominated me would understand. I did at that point say I had gone from 18 to 50 followers (I believe that was the amount as that astounded me at the time) but I think that was it. I was amazed this happened – still am to be honest and now it is more.

                    I do like to write long blogs sometimes, especially if I’m weaving a tale from the past into my topic, but I have had two people tell me that “blogs are supposed to be succinct and you will lose readers if you write long blogs” … one even told me if I was going to write long blogs to “write a book and publish it” and she was being well meaning, not sarcastic. (I thought it was rude, but I thanked her for her suggestion.) Yes, sometimes I have more to say than other times, and I also began with no pictures and one paragraph and a one-word title. I liked that one-word title and would spend part of my walk home thinking of one word for that day’s post. Then I joined the “Patch.com” group and I was asked if I could take a little criticism by one of the editors. She said make more paragraphs so there is more white space, add pictures and get rid of the one-word title. At first I was miffed, and thought on it about a week or so, then decided to make the change to a more-descriptive title, more paragraphs and now I use a lot of pictures, but that’s only been the last 18 months or so – before that one picture only.

                    I think I have about 1/3 international Readers, the rest is a mix of Canadian and American., and all ages as well, which is pleasing to me as well.

                    1. If you feel like categories will help you personally.
                      I don’t think many of my readers use mine.

                      I’m impressed by how much you are able to write, even in comments.
                      A 1000-word post is huge for me, but I do have a few of them now.
                      Blogs can be as long as they need to be, this ain’t Twitter.

                      Pictures and paragraphs are great for making long posts easier to read.
                      I also sometimes bold the most important parts, so that someone in a hurry can get the gist of the post by only reading the bolds.

                    2. I have to learn a few more things over the Winter on WordPress. I retooled my site a bit over last Winter. I know they changed the font size and it was smaller and I enlarged it, but it needs to be tweaked again. People are reading it in Reader, so it doesn’t need to be as large. I’ve been so busy at work and don’t get away early enough and that is cramping my posting activity. I work from home, so I just shut down at work open up another tab, but leaving at 6:00 or 6:30 is really too late to start a long post. I’ve been walking indoors at a store in this horrible heat – thankfully it is the last day for it. We hit 100 in some nearby cities and it is oppressive humidity. A storm is going to give us some cooler and more welcome weather. Then I will have something to post about again.

                      I do like to take the time to write comments and have had many nice interactions with other bloggers, in fact I have missed some of them posting and inquired after them. You don’t post ever day then fall off the map. Two did not reply and the other had family health issues and thanked me for contacting her … we have to be kinder to one another especially over here in the U.S. where the news reports made me cringe more and more every day.

                      Twitter is too abbreviated for me too; I follow a few sites for the news and weather and I like to check out what is trending and follow those threads – usually all political though and I rarely if ever comment – I am not a U.S. citizen and cannot vote so I refrain from having an opinion.

                      I will try bolding and making titles – I did that the other day as I had such a long post.

                      Thank you for your nice comments and the suggestions. We rarely connect in real time due to the time difference.

                    3. The differences between site and Reader can be annoying.
                      The green text for the countries I have reached did not show up in the Reader for this post.

                      I like reading other peoples tweets, but I need to get better at writing them myself.
                      Same goes for commenting on blogs, as I often don’t know what I could add.
                      But I really appreciate all the comments I get, so I know I should get better at doing it myself.

                    4. For the photography sites that I follow, I usually go right to their site and look at the picture(s) as WordPress condenses the picture down and the pictures don’t display properly.

                      I don’t follow a lot of people on Twitter and I do make comments on the news sites I follow sometimes, or give it a heart for liking it.

                      I don’t post anything myself on Twitter nor Facebook. In fact I have my privacy settings set really high on Facebook so no one can post on my wall … this is because a few people posted some disparaging things about others on my Facebook wall, so I restricted it so people can only tag me instead now. I don’t make comments on the news sites on Facebook. Some of the people who comment start to “go off the rails” within a few comments and begin insulting one another, especially when it is a racially oriented or political story – it doesn’t take much and they are name calling and acting like fools. I follow a crime site for our City and it is a closed group, and the moderators/administrators have to take down comments as people just criticize one another – people hide behind their Facebook profiles and anonymity and think it gives them license to rant and rave. You are likely a tamer group of folks than over here in the U.S. 🙂

                    5. I hear a lot of people are stopping using Facebook now.
                      I have not used it for anything not related to my blog in quite some time.

                    6. I don’t post anything related to my blog on Facebook, and only use it to read the news and follow some sites of various parks so I know the upcoming activities. And, the crime sites – I like to know the inside scoop on crime going on in my city and the surrounding cities. I have a few friends who never use their e-mail anymore – strictly Facebook, so to communicate with them, I have no choice but to use Facebook.

                    7. My girlfriend is not on Facebook, which makes it annoying when her work post important information there without telling her.
                      You should not be forced to use that site in that way.

                    8. I agree – they should send a blast e-mail alert, but then if a person does not have a smartphone or a phone with e-mail on it, you would not get the message either. I find more and more that smartphones are needed … one of the large concert and sports venues (Little Caesar’s Arena) has decided to do tickets digitally. Other venues are doing this as well for ticket sales. I subscribe to an emergency blast info for our City, but it is for e-mail, which is on my computer … so, if I’m not online, and if it is really stormy weather, I usually shut down my laptop and pull the plug, I would be up the proverbial creek. In the Fall, all the college sports starts and like today, they shut down the news (except the stream online) for the University of Michigan football game (9:00 a.m. to noon for the pregame and noon to 5:30 for the game and post-game).

                    9. Annoying, but I get why they do it.
                      Like, why wouldn’t society start revolving around our magic pocket-devices 😛

                    10. That’s true – I need to catch up with the rest of the world and sooner or later will have to get on the smartphone bandwagon again. Meanwhile, have you heard of or seen this new craze that is (of course) going viral thanks to Twitter … it is mustard pizza. I have heard the story over the last few days … in this video the owners of the pizza shop says it is Detroit-style pizza. Not sure there is a Detroit-style pizza, unless Detroit is copying from Chicago-style deep dish pizza. But he uses mustard on top of the pizza – I pulled a video off the Today show as it shows him making it – because you like to cook … um … different things, I’m passing it along. If the link doesn’t work, just Google “mustard pizza” … there are a ton of articles about it: https://www.today.com/food/people-are-freaking-out-over-mustard-pizza-t136992

                    11. You’ve got me pegged 😛
                      I have never made pizza with mustard, but I have had a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches with mustard instead of ketchup, as I did not like ketchup when I was younger.

                    12. Well if you like grilled cheese with mustard, you would like this I think. I’m not a big fan of the deep dish pizza and we have PizzaPapalis here in Detroit which is like the Chicago pizza. When I worked on site at the Firm before my boss and I left, this place had just opened up downtown – people went crazy for it. Every time we had a staff meeting we had it – but it is rich and gooey and I prefer thinner, more crispy pizza. This is what is looks like: http://pizzapapalis.com/

                      I crave pizza and should either make my own or buy it frozen. We have a Hepatitis A outbreak here in Michigan. It is so bad that surrounding states like Ohio and Indiana warned their residents to get a Hep A shot before heading to Michigan. The outbreak is bad and I just looked at the most-current death toll and as of May it is 27 people died in Michigan since the outbreak began in August 2016. This tally is not drug-use related, but it is from people eating in restaurants where food is contaminated from people not practicing good hygiene and washing their hands. That is scary. They recommend everyone in Michigan get the shot. I’ve not gotten the shot but I rarely go out to eat and even less after this outbreak. And, it is all types of restaurants from all parts of the state … fine dining to coney dogs.

                    13. Don’t think I have ever had deep dish pizza, that is not a thing in Norway.
                      Looks like a mix between pie and pizza.

                    14. It is really thick and gooey and I think it is an acquired taste … I really prefer it thinner and crispier. The prices are outrageous and when we used to have it for staff luncheons, I was working for the H.R. Director along with an attorney so I had to order the food for the lunches. I’d poll the staff and they wanted PizzaPapalis … at that time the pizza with everything on it ran around $22.00 and that was around 2000 – same pizza now $36.95 – that about blew me away!

  3. Yes. It can be interesting to see where your followers come from. I haven’t looked in a long time so perhaps this weekend. Also, I find it varies as I have three blogs… 🙂

        1. Norway 🙂

          I’ve never been anywhere in Africa.
          We almost went to Egypt in 2001, but then 9/11 happened and we freaked out a bit.
          Our relative small city seemed more safe than big touristy places.
          I’d had my shots and everything.

  4. Whenever I get a random one view from a small random country I always wonder if it is a real account or just a spam account with a fake IP address? But I do think its fun to look at the stats!! Good luck getting more views from different countries!!

    1. I think it is mostly real views.
      Unless they leave a spammy comment, or get reffered from some sketchy site, they have nothing to gain from giving you views.

      Thanks 🙂

  5. If you are reading this on the WordPress Reader, you won’t see which countries have been marked in green.
    If you press the “Visit Site” button on the top right, you’ll be able the see the color of the text.

  6. Well, I’m from Mozambique so you could cross that out on your list… but live in Spain so I’m not sure it counts… Also, in case you are curious, I landed here because I was feeling homesick and actually entered “Mozambique” as a search term on the wordpress reader.

    1. Don’t think it counts, but I’m very glad to have you here anyway 🙂

      Ah, I was guessing some people would do that.
      I have searched for Norway before, just to see what comes up 🙂

            1. Still, helps me cross a country off my list 😉
              And I can’t blame you if you forget until then, but it’s the thought that counts 🙂

  7. I love checking out the country stats
    I guess the country that doesn’t check out the post are countries that either doesn’t use wordpress or it could be the language or perhaps your sharing on social media and the blog 🤔just a thought of my own

  8. My blog is just about 15-20 days old and everyday I check out the country list to see if I have had any readers. Keeping my fingers crossed hoping that I have the good luck with readers as some of you have 🙂
    Happy WordPressing everyone!

  9. Our only white spot on the map is Western Sahara. Not sure what’s going on there, since even people in Antartica and North Korea found LOTD haha… I do recognize your excitement about checking these stats. It’s better than collecting stamps or baseball cards.

  10. WordPress has been helping me despite my little knowledge of information technology, my quest for creating my own website has always been distorted but for WordPress. I will appreciate if there will be a leading demo that could help to create a site. Thanks.

        1. No problem 🙂

          Spending time writing quality content is more important than having a technically impressive website, so focus on that for now.

          But you should also listen to the Do You Even Blog? podcast, as they have a lot of good info on this subject.
          Here is the website: https://doyouevenblog.com/

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