Gaming Backlog Countdown: 40!

Gaming Backlog Countdown: 40!

In the last entry of my gaming backlog countdown I went from 50 games to 45, and checked off five games I played with my girlfriend on the SNES Classic.

This time I’m checking off five games I played by myself on PlayStation 4.


Prey (2017)

Gaming Backlog Countdown: 40!

Prey is a first-person shooter horror game set on a space station orbiting Earth in 2035.

The game is very reminiscent of Bioshock. In both games you are traversing a beautifully built structure. Both games have danger coming from within the structure in the form of enemies. But they also have danger coming from outside of the structure in the form of natural forces.

Whereas in Bioshock you have to face a gaggle of biologically altered psychopaths while the sea destroys the underwater city the game is set in, in Prey you have to face a horde of aliens with the ability to mimic everyday objects as a form of camouflage, all while the vacuum of space looms outside the walls.


Mooncrash DLC

This piece of downloadable content takes the action down to a hostile moon base, and has some randomly generated parts to it.

As with the base game, I absolutely loved the story in this one, maybe even more than the one in the base game.


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

When I wrote the backlog list I had already played the first Uncharted game years ago, and I was sure that I had a collector’s box containing the second and third game for Playstation 3.

I may have lost it, or I just never had it to begin with, but since Uncharted 2 is considered to be a classic I decided to just buy it remastered for the Playstation 4.


The Uncharted series was made by the video game studio Naughty Dog.

Naughty Dog has made some of my all-time favorite games, like the Crash Bandicoot series and ‘The Last of Us’.

Crash Bandicoot may in fact be the first game I ever played, and while I can’t be completely sure of that, it was an incredibly nostalgic trip to play the HD rerelease of the first three Crash games earlier this year.


Naughty Dog have always been great developers, and Uncharted 2 is one of their finest works.

It is an action masterpiece, and a love letter to Indiana Jones, Lara Croft and National Treasure.


One of the parts I enjoyed the most was an action sequence that takes place on top of a moving train in Nepal, traveling from the urban Kathmandu Valley to the high Himalayas without breaking gameplay.

It must have taken forever to design a stretch of land that huge, but it paid off.

It’s one of the coolest levels I have played whole year.


Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

The third game in this series is not as beloved as the second and fourth, so since it turned out I didn’t actually own it, I decided to skip it.

I instead watched some recaps on YouTube to fill myself in on the plot before starting Uncharted 4.


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Gaming Backlog Countdown: 40!

This game builds on it’s predecessors beautifully.

It is bigger, more fun to play, and has a more emotional storyline.


The story takes you on a journey from Scotland, through Madagascar, and ends with a giant portion on a massive island, the lost pirate kingdom of Libertalia.

The action set-pieces is better than ever, and there are a few car chases that really gives that train sequence a run for it’s money.


The Lost Legacy DLC

This is a massive adition to the game which lets you discover lost cities in the ancient Hoysala Empire, in a big beautiful area of India’s Western Ghats.


Invisible, Inc.

This is a short game with espionage puzzle gameplay.

I had a lot of fun setting up ambushes for guards, and sneaking around in general.

Stealth can often be difficult to make fun, but this game nailed it!



I now have 40 games left on my Gaming Backlog Countdown list!

Next up: Gaming Backlog Countdown: 35!

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  1. I have finished both uncharted 1 and 2 and loved the Crash games back in the day, I am sad to say that I have not yet even seen Last of Us 1 nor played it…

    1. Out of these five, I think Uncharted 4.
      It had so many fun action sequences, it would be like rewatching a good action movie 🙂

  2. Ha you sound like me. I played all the PS3 Uncharted games, it’s a really fun series to play. A friend recently got me back into the Arkham games, so that’s where I’m at.

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