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After my post on why you should play games, Sammy and/or Sufi of The Cozy Home Chronicles asked me what my gaming backlog of unfinished games looked like.

I started writing a reply, but after 250 words I decided the topic deserved a full-fledged blog-post all to itself.


Gaming backlogs are a common problem in today’s society. They are much like that pile of books on your shelf that you have never gotten around to. You know that you should consume them at some point, but reading a book (or playing a game) is such a huge time-investment that many titles go un-read (or un-played) for years (or forever).


Turn back now, if you wish to avoid time-sinks!

For the rest, here is my gaming backlog:



Games I’m Playing

I am currently playing the Minerva’s Den dlc (downloadable content) for Bioshock 2, for the first time, so that I can listen to the new Watch Out For Fireballs podcast episode about it. After that I’ll play Thimbleweed Park and Transistor, for the same reason.

If you want to know more about WOFF, I wrote about them and my two other favorite podcasts here.


I have played 5 hours of Prey, and will go back to that once I finish the ones I am playing for the game-bookclub
I’m mostly finished with Heroes Of Might And Magic 3, need to retire that one soon. I played HOMM3 as a child, so this was just a nostalgia-dive for me.


Then I’m planning to try to Twitch-stream a short game, namely What Remains of Edith Finch.

Twitch is a platform where gamers can stream gameplay, audio and video to a live audience. I have never done it before, so I think it’s smart to start with a small game.


I also have The Black Watchmen, Uncharted 2-4, Fallout 1-2, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Bloodborne, Invisible Inc, DOOM, Wolfenstein: The New Order, XCOM 2, Dishonored 1-2, Hotline Miami 1-2, Dark Souls 3, The Sly Trilogy and probably some I have forgotten.

That comes to a total of

28 games to play on my own

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