Ten Fun Christmas Songs

Ten Fun Christmas Songs

Are you tired of the same old Christmas songs on the radio?

I’ve got you covered!



Chiron Beta Prime – Jonathan Coulton

This song is a cry for help Christmas letter from a family that is being held against their will protected by evil robots giant metal Santa Claus’.


Christmas Is Interesting – Jonathan Coulton

Jonathan Coulton also gives us this sombre look at everyone’s favorite holiday.


Troy & Abed’s Christmas Rap – Community

In this song from the show Community, the Jehovah’s Witness Troy Barnes (played by Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino) hatches a scheme that will let him celebrate Christmas, as it is against his religion to do so.


Elves Song – Futurama

In this cheery song from Futurama, all the non-unionized Neptunian elves have to work overtime in order to save Xmas, after Robot Santa gets stuck in the ice.


One Christmas At A Time – Jonathan Coulton & John Roderick

Just some good advice, to take one Christmas at a time.


That’s What Christmas Is For – Community

Abed’s friends have to save him from the evil wizard shrink by singing about all the joys of Christmas!

‘Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas’ is a very good stop-motion Christmas special in general, it deserves a viewing.


This Trinity’s Going To War – Futurama

Robot Santa, Kwanzaabot and The Chanukah Zombie goes to war against some nudist alien scammers who have scammed the entire planet out of the hands of the president of Earth (Richard Nixon’s head in a jar).


White Wine In The Sun – Tim Minchin

A sweet song about Christmas and family, made by atheist comedian Tim Minchin.


What’s This? – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington (the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town) finds Christmas Town, a Holiday town very different from his own.


Woody Allen Jesus – Tim Minchin

Tim Minchin shows us how much the story of Jesus has in common with a the stories we tell today.



Know of any fun Christmas songs I missed?

Leave me a recommendation in the comments 🙂

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