During my summer holiday, I managed to get a bunch of files out of an old broken computer of mine.

I just stumbled unto the image above, along with the two variations you can see below.

Holyturtle mad

Holyturtle cry

I think I attempted to make a series of new reaction image memes, to be used when chatting on forums.

They obviously never caught on.

Enjoy 😉


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    1. And tears that are too small to notice on a phone-screen.
      Not a problem back when I made it ten years ago, before smartphones took off 😛

      1. I keep forgetting about people who view my blog on a smartphone because I don’t have a smartphone. I am on a computer so many hours of the day and text to friends and my boss at their smartphones but I do not text from my phone (it’s a flip phone so no querty keyboard so very slow). I rarely use my cellphone because I just keep it for emergencies. I have no family – it is just me and I work from home and keep in touch with all my friends through social media so many days go by and I don’t even use my landline! I communicate with my boss via e-mail all day long; some days he calls me but not on a regular basis, in fact I’ve not seen my boss since 2012. He sends all my work by scanning in PDFs of revisions to documents or handwritten documents. Sometimes he mails or drops off a dictation tape and that’s about it.

        1. I use my phone and pc about the same amount.

          Sounds lovely to work from home 🙂
          I hope to some day be able to do so aswell.

          1. I do like working from home and because I worked in a small office, it works well. In a large office not so much, but I tell people that by remoting into my desktop at work, I can do everything but post mail, answer the door and serve coffee. We use Windows 7, but when we had Windows XP, our former computer guy had our workstations configured differently. From here at home, I used to be able to “see into” the xerox machine (which we also use as a printer and a scanner). I could tell my boss when the toner for the machine was running low and when the paper trays needed to be filled. I hated the commute because I don’t like to drive in the Winter. I worked in downtown Detroit for years and when my boss and I left the Firm in downtown Detroit and went out on our own, it required two buses to get there – a suburban bus from my house, then a City bus to go the 1 1/4 miles to our office building. I didn’t have a walking regimen then and you would not want to walk in Detroit once you are out of the business district. So, this was good for me – I don’t waste time commuting (and they had fewer and fewer buses on both lines and they were no longer reliable).

    1. I think so too.
      Probably what inspired me to edit it.

      Too bad I can’t remember the name of the photographer.

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