Last Year, My Best Christmas Gift Ever Was Almost Ruined…


This is the story of how the postal-service broke my stuff, and how an internet-based startup-company made my day.


The summer of last year, I started prodding my girlfriend for information.

You see, I had gotten an idea for the perfect gift for her;

A painting of The Doctor from Doctor Who and the musician David Bowie, defeating a bunch of robots with their sick guitar skills!


When we started dating I had introduced her to Doctor Who, and she had introduced me to Bowie. We both knew of these thing of course, but not to the extent that the other person knew of it. So an image combining the two would be a sort of metaphor for our relationship.

So one day when we were hiking in the mountains of Bergen, I started to ask her “theoretical” questions.

“Would that concept be cool? Would it be cooler with the third Doctor and a young Bowie, or the twelfth Doctor and an old Bowie?” She picked the latter, as she thought it would be cool to see the old men rocking out together.


After some searching, I was refered to John Barry Ballaran by another artist, and he agreed to take the job. We are now working on this mystery comic together. More on that another day…


When he had finished the painting some time later, I contacted Fracture.

Fracture is a Florida-based company that specialises in printing photos directly onto glass. I first heard about them from the Hello Internet podcast.

I ordered a huge glass print of the painting.


Some time later when the painting arrived I almost didn’t open it, as I was very tempted to just wrap the giant box it had come in up, so it would be done with.

Thank god I erred on the side of caution!


Despite how well Fracture had secured the painting, it had somehow been cracked. Somewhere along the way, someone must have been absolutely tossing it around!


So I contacted Fracture’s costumer support, and told them about the issue. I was immediately assured that they would send me a replacement!

The new print arrived just in time! They saved Christmas!


When my girlfriend opened the packet, she seemed in awe of the details of the painting.

We sat just looking at it for quite some time.


Only problem is that we now have an extra, giant Fracture painting. Ironically fractured.

Oh well 😛

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