10 Great Disney Songs

my 10 favorite disney songs.png

Here are ten of my favorite songs from Disney animated movies.

Enjoy ūüôā



10. When Will My Life Begin from Tangled


9. Kiss The Girl from The Little Mermaid


8. One Jump Ahead from Aladdin


7. One Last Hope from Hercules


6. Prince Ali from Aladdin


5. I Just Can’t Wait To Be King from The Lion King


4. On The Open Road from A Goofy Movie


3. Your Welcome from Moana


2. Zero To Hero from Hercules


1. I’ll Make A Man Out Of You from Mulan


Top 5 Songs from ‚ÄėMoS: Level 6‚Äô

top five mos miracle of sound level 6 songs

Back in February,¬†I shared my favorite song from each ‚ÄėMiracle of Sound‚Äô album.

This proved to be very difficult, as there are so many great songs there!

So I have decided to make a Top 10 or Top 5 list for each album, depending on how big the album is to begin with.


5. Don’t Say A Word

I have yet to play any games in the Metal Gear Solid series, so this song does not have any familiarity to something I like to help it ingratiate itself to me, like a lot of other songs by this artist.

I simply enjoy the song, nothing more to say than that.


4. Lady Of Worlds

In this song about The Witcher 3’s main female character¬†Ciri,¬†Gavin gives away most of the singing-duties to Ailin Kennedy.

As with all his other Witcher songs, this one is also great.

I look forward to CD PROJEKT RED!’s next game ‘Cyberpunk 2077’, if only to hear the songs it will inspire Gavin Dunne to make.


3. Road Rage

I love the movie this song was based on, and I think it is a modern action-classic.

The song fits the movie’s focus on the¬†metal of cars and bullets¬†perfectly, while also touching on the heart of the film, motherhood.

Guns and gas and gods!


2. London Town

While I have played a lot of games in the Assassin’s Creed series, I have not played Syndicate, the game this song was based on.

One of the reasons that I really like this particular song is that I used to be a huge anglophile during my teens, probably helped on by my love for Doctor Who and Harry Potter.

And while I am not quite as crazy about Britain as I was back then, I still love it.


1. Friends





If you liked this music, you can buy the album here!


Ant-Men and The Wasps

ant-men and the wasps ant-man & wasp ants marvel

Back in April, I stated that I had written something about each Marvel movie that had been released since I started this blog, and that I would try to continue doing so.

But while I enjoyed their most recent film ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’, I could not find much to say about it.

ant-man-and-the-wasp flying ants

While the film had a lot of very fun action-sequences that utilizes the heroes size-changing abilities in incredibly creative ways, I liked the heist-movie parts of the first Ant-Man film much more than the story of the second film.


And since that is pretty much all I can think of to say about the movie, I figured I would write a bit about ants and wasps.





When I was (let’s say) six years old, I was out playing with some friends.

It was me, a neighbor-girl the same age as me, her older brother and one of his friends.


The older boys had found an upturned log and a large rock With a huge anthill in-between them, and they were jumping between the log and the rock.

Possibly in an attempt to impress the girl, or maybe just the older boys, I decided to join in.

One, or maybe more, tried to tell me that it was too far for me to jump, but I proudly insisted.

A second later I was up to my neck in biting ants.


I don’t remember entirely how I got home, but I imagine that the others just pushed me along.

One of my parents threw me in the shower to get rid of all the insects, who had gotten everywhere.


I never developed any strong phobia to bugs, but I do have a fear of heights.

Not sure if this is one of the causes.



yellowjacket nest_in_ground wasp wasps

Wasps are my least favorite pollinators, with bumblebees being my favorites.

Wasps are often incredibly aggressive, and easily drawn in by sweets.

I have been chased inside by wasps multiple times this summer, simply for daring to bring soda or berries with me out to the veranda.

And the glass-recycling outside my local store is teaming with wasps, as a result of people not washing their jars before throwing them in there.


But I do not have as much of an issue with wasps as my mother does, as she had a similar type of experience with wasps as I had with ants.

When she was six she stepped into a ground wasp nest.

Similarly to me, she got them everywhere, but when she got home a shower was not enough to take care of the problem.

A doctor had to make a home-visit, and pull out each of the stingers, one by one.


She understandably does not care much for the creatures.