G.H. #5: Yada Yada Metropolis

In this episode of the Geekare Humanum podcast, Sindre and Renate discuss: Professional wrestling, Seinfeld, the 1927 silent movie Metropolis.

Show Notes

GLOW Official Trailer

Pain and Gain Official Trailer


Larry David meets Thor in Curb Your Enthusiasm

The Wrestler – Official Trailer

Monster Factory: Failing to Clone The Rock in WWE 2K14 Character Creation

Seinfeld Clip – The Chinese Restaurant

The Best of The Soup Nazi

Jason Alexander discusses ‘George Costanza’ being based on Larry David

Curb Your Enthusiasm – Larry David does George Costanza

The Real Kramer Story

Seinfeld Clip – Elaine Benis Dances

Seinfeld Clip – The Yada Yada

Jerry Seinfeld Mugs an Old Lady for her Marble Rye

Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill | Official Trailer | Netflix

Seinfeld Clip – Elaine Throws George’s Toupee Out the Window

Seinfeld Clips – Mr. Peterman

Seinfeld Clips – George Steinbrenner

Seinfeld Clip – The Story of Festivus

Seinfeld point-and-click adventure game trailer

MetrĂ³polis (1927) | Full Movie

Seigmen – Metropolis (music video)

1927: Metropolis – How Cinema Changed the Way We See the Future

Queen – Radio Ga Ga (Official Video)

Colin Kaepernick Takes a Knee for National Anthem

Police Violence – Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Black Lives Matter Protests Around the World

NFL Commissioner Calls For Colin Kaepernick’s Return – The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Metropolis – Marxist Theory | Renegade Cut

The Temporal Messages of Metropolis (movie, manga, anime)

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