The Art of Janette Ramos

The Art of Janette Ramos
Personal work, ‘Inventress’

Janette Ramos is a digital artist based in the Philippines, who specializes in fantasy art for tabletop and video games.

The Art of Janette Ramos
Arcane Alley, ‘Talking Toad’

I first came across her when looking for an artist for my spell-slinging card game, Fireball! Fireball! Fireball!

While I decided to go with another artist for that project, I kept Janette in mind for later, as I really liked her artwork.

The Art of Janette Ramos
Arcane Alley, ‘Bottled Fairy’

When I later had an idea for a science fiction painting that I wanted to commission as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend, Janette Ramos was the first person I thought about for that.

She politely declined, as she prefer working on fantasy over science fiction.

She could have just left it at that. But instead she took the time to tell me about the perfect artist for that particular job, John Barry Ballaran.

He took the job, and that has led to a years-long working relationship, as we later started making a comic book together.

The Art of Janette Ramos
Arcane Alley, ‘Clockwork Canine’

Janette Ramos could have easily just done the bare minimum and simply declined the offer, which most people would have. But she did that little extra, which in turn led me to a new creative outlet in writing that comic.

This post is me thanking her in the best way I can think of, by shining a spotlight on her amazing artwork!

Personal work, ‘Feytouched’

Want to see more of her work? Check out her portfolio!

She has also formed a new art outsourcing studio, called Imaginaires. Check that out!

Arcane Alley, ‘Witch’

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  1. I like the frog a lot. It reminds me of Super Mario RPG for the Super Nintendo and more of a retro hand crafted style vs the smooth photoshop type of work most of the other pieces look like and most other people do (more 3D CGI which I don’t prefer) vs old school artistic style.

    1. Yeah 😀
      I think my favorite is the Inventress. That would be at home on the wall of any art gallery.

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