My Controversial Baptism

I was born in 1990, to an intentionally unmarried couple.

When they wanted to have me baptised six months later, they ran into some opposition.

The church refused to baptise me, since my parents were “living in sin”.

They did manage to find a different church to do the job, but that should have been unnecessary.

Now, my parents had never been that religious even before this event, so I don’t think they had ever any plans of filling my head with religiosities, but I think this event really sealed the deal for my non-religious upbringing.

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  1. It’s really unfortunate that your parents were like “hey we want this baby who is too young to make its own decisions to be baptized and be a part of a religion” and the church was like “no, see, because you parents are sinners, this actual baby is forced to also live in sin for no reason.”
    Like, do you want more members of your church or not?

    1. Yeah, organised religion has a lot of arbitrary rules that just works against things they are supposed to stand for.

    1. Nah, I can’t even remember having water splashed on my head as a baby 😛
      Honestly, I think my parents just did it for the sake of tradition.

        1. I think in times long past, people baptised babies because many of them would never get to grow up, so the parents wanted to make sure the kid got into heaven.
          Child mortality is much lower now, but the tradition stuck.

  2. look at it this way, they have their rules and are basically living in the Middle Ages at best. At least you were baptized because if you died right after that – you’d be in heaven now. Think of all the babies who died prior to being baptized – they go to Limbo, wherever the hell that is! I always wondered what about the aborigines who never saw a priest – guess they get Limbo too. I kind of like the look on mom and dad’s face – that says it all. It’s no wonder they lost so many people in the last 50 years. But rules are rules! L

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