Getting Egged

Getting Egged

In 2003, after my last day of primary school, I got egged.

It was just a few weeks after I had turned thirteen, and I was happy to be leaving primary school. I had never really fit in with most of the other kids there.

I moved to that school area with my mother and sister in the middle of my fourth school year. My parents’ breakup probably affected me more than I realized at the time, so I was not very outgoing and easy to be around when I met my new classmates. That is not to say that I would have preferred my parents to stay together. Those two really needed to get away from each other, and I think it was actually better for all of us that they did.

Still, my emotional inadequacies compounded, and I did not really make it easy for the other kids to like me. I did get a small group of close friends. But even then I often felt like the loser of that group.

During that last school year, a lot of the kids at my school had it in for this one teacher. I can’t really remember why they hated her so much. I think maybe they just though she was ugly, and they did not like her telling them what to do. Or they may have had a good reason, I really don’t know.

So, for that last day a lot of the kids had brought eggs to school, planning to egg her. I’m betting that someone warned her what was going on, because she didn’t come out from the building after school ended. I can just imagine her sitting in the teachers’ lounge, crying. The whole thing reminds me of 15th century witch-hunts or something.

When the teacher never exited the building, some of the kids got frustrated that they wouldn’t get to see someone egged that day. And then one of them spotted me.

I was walking home from school, exited to never have to walk that road ever again. I don’t know why they picked me, as I was literally a European football field away from them. Like, there was actually a football field alongside the road I was walking down. And I was at the opposite side from the eggers, but a bunch of other kids between us.

One of the girls asked one of the boys to run up and egg me. I did not know either of them. They were both in another class from mine, and I had no previous interactions with either of them. I have later gotten the impression that the boy was not much more popular than me. I think he may have been interested in the girl, and wanted to impress her. So he did it.

I walked crying home from school that day, soaked in eggs.

It was not getting egged in itself that really bothered me, though not great on its own. It was the thought that I was the second most hated person at that school. That there was just a teacher that they hated more than me.

It may have just been that girl that felt that way, but I found it unlikely since I did not really know her. Could also have been that I was just the most hated person that they could see nearby, but that did not make me feel much better.

I had been really exited for a new beginning when starting lower secondary school. But this event set me back quite a bit emotionally.

Still, most teenagers have it hard, so I was not that much worse off than everyone else.

I actually ended up in the same class as the guy that egged me.

Too bad that he did too, because we would probably have gotten along quite well. I was angrier at the girl who had put him up to it anyway, but I could never really look past it during that time. Wish I could.

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  1. Sad story but glad you got through it. I remember someone threw an egg at me out of car, it felt like being hit in the face with a brick. Funnily enough, I learnt a lot from that and makes me a kinder person.

    1. Aw man, that must have hurt!
      Yeah, same here. Never want to have anyone else feel like that.

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