Pots & Pans & Portents

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In 1991, just before I turned one year old, my favorite activity was to repeatedly empty the pots and pans cabinet out on the floor.


I would have to crawl into the back of it to be able to reach all the pans, then drag them out on the floor.


I am currently working as a chef, and this is where it all began.


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  1. Y daughter used to do the same and then ahead to the dogs bowls to eat their dry food so I suppose she can be either a chef or a food critic😂😂😂😂😂😂lovely pics by the way

  2. Yes, portents come early in life. I was busy, at an early age, writing my own little observations and “newspapers”, and here we are. My son busied himself with little toy boats, in the bathroom sink, and became a helmsman, with the U.S. Navy.

    1. While I don’t believe in destiny, stuff like this makes it seem more likely.
      But I am sure we are just cherry-picking instances that line up, and leaving out all the times we painted since we did not become artists.
      Still cool to think about, even if I think there is a rational explanation 🙂

  3. A chef from way back. My son used to ‘cook’ rice grains – all over the kitchen floor! He is in the defense fores now. Evidently it did not inspire any thoughts of a culinary career…

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