5 Great ‘Starbomb’ Songs


Starbomb is a musical-comedy group consisting of the two main hosts of the video game let’s play show ‘Game Grumps’, Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan, and Brian Wecht.


Before the three joined forces in 2013, Dan and Brian were already making music as the comedy band Ninja Sex Party.

When Arin started making music with them, they formed a separate band dedicated to making songs based on video game characters.


As we are closing in on the release of their third album, I figured I would share some of my favorite songs by them here.



The Hero of Rhyme

Link, the hero from the ‘Legend of Zelda’ video game series, has hung up his sword and Shield, as he feels his mad skills at rapping will be enough to defeat any foe.

The video was animated by Studio Yotta.


Glass Joe’s Title Fight

The weakest boxer from the 1984 arcade game ‘Punch-Out!!’ attempts to take on the strongest boxer in the same game, Mr. Sandman.

This video was collaboratively animated by a collection of Starbomb fans.



Samus, the hero of the Metroid game-series, is tired of being treated differently based on her gender.

Emily Hughes lends her voice to Samus, while Dan Avidan voices the Space Pirate dragon Kraid.



The vampire killer Simon Belmont crashes Dracula’s cool monster party, completely ruining their evening.

The video was animated by Cas van de Pol.


The Simple Plot of Metal Gear Solid

A talk-show about simple plots in video games gets interrupted when Snake from ‘Metal Gear Solid’ shows up uninvited.

This video was also animated by Studio Yotta.


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