Boating With My Grandpa

Boating With My Grandpa

Here’s a few pictures of me, my sister and my grandpa. They’re from a boating trip we went on to Ona Lighthouse when I was seven years old, in 1997.

My family often spent summers in Molde. Mom is from that area of Norway, and most of her side of the family still lived there during my childhood.

My grandfather died in 2018. But when he lived he loved taking his motorboat out to all the small island communities in that area.

I joined him on a few of those journeys. When I was a kid I would get easily car/boat/plane sick. This got particularly bad the few times I had to sleep in the cabin of grandpa’s boat. But besides that, I loved going on those trips with him.

Having a boat in places like that is like having a car in areas without a lot of public transportation. It gives you the ability to go wherever you want. Having a boat meant for my grandpa the same as I imagine having a car means to my dad. Freedom.

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  1. Love your photos! I’m so thrilled to see peaceful and picturesque Norway again! It’s a welcome relief from the helicopters hovering above our condo as the rioting continues down our street here in Chicago.

    1. I’m glad that I can help keep your mind off stuff for a moment. I have a few more posts this week too 🙂

      Hopefully the US will get to the other side of these protests and riots with some significant changes to the police and prison system. Something closer to the Norwegian system maybe.
      But I’m worried all this will be for nothing.

  2. I too hope permanent changes to our prison system and police departments will result from the riots. I just saw the new film “The Painter and The Thief.” What a powerful testament to the effectiveness of Norway’s prison system in changing lives and creating new opportunities for inmates!

    But I, too, have my doubts about the possibility of effecting real change in the US, especially because of the current administration in power, which sanctions and promotes racism, violence, and tremendous economic disparity. What had been peaceful protests for a just cause has evolved into rampant looting for its own sake, stoked by violent rhetoric from our travesty of a president.

    Quite honestly, I’ll be surprised if we actually end up having an opportunity to vote him out of office in November. When the power of governance is handed over to the military, it’s usually quite difficult to reestablish a peaceful democracy thereafter.

    1. Sounds like we completely agree on this subject 🙂
      I need to check out that movie!

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