Retiring ‘SindrElf’s monthly Geeky Recipe’

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Between October 2017 and October 2018, I posted one recipe based on something from pop-culture each month.

I have now decided to stop.


While I may still upload new geeky recipes every now and then, I will no longer have a schedule for posting them.

The schedule was responsible for a few of the better dishes, but also for the worst ones.


Underneath you will find links to all thirteen recipes.

Happy reading 🙂


October 2017 – Norwegian “Halloween Food”

November 2017 – “The Fitzsimmons Sandwich”

December 2017 – Rudolph the Red Roast Reindeer

January 2018 – The Scully Burger

February 2018 – The Cass Casserole with PBJ Sauce

March 2018 – Deconstructed Red Mars/Green Mars/Blue Mars Bar

April 2018 – Goomba Gumbo

May 2018 – McDuck Breast

June 2018 – Cthulhu Pasta

July 2018 – NSP’s Ultimate Sandwich Recipe

August 2018 – Quelaag Omelette

September 2018 – Vegan Vampire Soup

October 2018 – The Acid Zombie


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  1. We ll miss your posts but we ll still be in good company with anubis😀
    It’s super cool being a patron as I have post advance preview😀😎

    1. I’ll still be posting some Anubis-unrelated posts 🙂
      I want to finish up my Interrail series soon aswell.

      I’m very glad to have your support 😀
      I’ll be working towards having the posts up even earlier on Patreon, when possible.

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