Happy New Year! 2018, woooo!


2017 has been weird. But for myself it has been pretty great.


Me and my girlfriend bought and moved into our own apartment, as opposed to renting. It has resulted in some furniture shopping,but not more than I can handle 😉

I won Best New Designer for my card game in the yearly Print&Play-contest on Board Game Geek.

And due to that; I started this blog! As a result I have now started doing some other projects I have had on my mind for quite some time, like making (and featuring) recipes based on pop-culture.


So overall, pretty good year for me!

Better than for a lot of other people, judging by the news. Hopefully, next year will be better 🙂

Now I have some nyttårsbukk-candy leftovers to devour 😉


How did 2017 treat you?

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