Ortensia from Truly Madly Ordinary Stories From The Heart has made a new blogger-award for Scandinavian bloggers; named 'Sunshine Nordic Little Thoughts'.   Like all "blogger awards", it works like a chain letter. Answer a question, then tag other people to answer the question aswell.   Name three things that pops into your mind when you are... Continue Reading →

Oslo In The Snow

I and my girlfriend went to Oslo this last weekend. Going from the second biggest city in Norway to the biggest city may not seem like it would be that different, but in a country as sparsely populated as Norway, this was something of a big-city vacation for us. We were mostly going to visit a friend of my... Continue Reading →

I Made Another Weird Video

https://youtu.be/m47_fYnfBmQ While I used the making of my last video to teach myself to edit with a new program, and to use stock video/audio/images effectively, I used the making of this video to teach myself how to animate text, pan over images, and somewhat improve my voice audio. My voice audio still needs work, and the comedy is... Continue Reading →

I Made A Weird Video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSU50CfsCLk When I was a teen, I made YouTube videos. They were mostly badly acted sketches and fan-tributes to Doctor Who, using music and footage that I did not own.   I have recently been thinking about getting back into it, but this time I want to make completely original stuff, using content I am allowed to.   The video... Continue Reading →

Writing Inspiration #3 – Nature

In my last post I told you about how the Hamilton-song "Non Stop" shames me into writing. This time I want to write about the beauty and horror you can find in nature, when taking a hike.   Walking in nature is great for your creativity! Even the glacier-hike I mentioned here before set my mind ablaze... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas!

It's that time of year again! Time to watch some movies, exchange gifts, eat a reindeer, take a walk in the snow, and then sleep it all off. I hope you are not stuck at work, so you get to relax a bit 🙂   So, how are you spending the holiday?

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